Friday Finds

Happy Friday everyone! The snow has finally melted here, and the sun has finally decided to come out after what feels like it’s longest absence ever! It’s still a bit chilly, but I’ll take sunny and cold over, bleak-miserable-cloudy-rainy-disgusting cold any day. Sunshine aside, today is going to be great because after work Jake and I are going to go see Cold War Kids at the House of Blues! I haven’t seen them live before, so I’m pretty excited. House of Blues is a really fun venue too (except for the restaurant where I once paid $15 for chicken tenders). Tomorrow evening I have a yoga workshop that will be led by one of my favorite instructors, and I am very much looking forward to that given that I haven not able to go to yoga all week! I am very close to reaching my 100 class goal, and if I stick to my schedule I should be able to hit the mark by the end of the month!

Well enough about my weekend plans. I’m excited to bring back Friday Finds! If you aren’t familiar (and you probably aren’t) each Friday I pick a few things I have stumbled upon, listened to, worn, eaten, watched, (etc, you get it) during the week and review and share. This is my first Friday Finds in awhile, and I don’t have a ton to share, but here’s a few things I have been enjoying lately!

  • Chike High Protein Coffee


For most of my life I have hated coffee. It irritates my stomach, and I have never been a fan of the smell. That was until I met this stuff. I had received a sample packet (it comes in a protein powder like consistency) in last month’s Stridebox, and I had originally let my dad have it thinking I wouldn’t want to try it. Then a couple of week’s ago I thought “to hell with it” and decided to I should suck it up and give coffee another try, and I loved it. So much so that after finishing my first glass I went online to Amazon and ordered a full size tub of it. I have now been drinking it every morning for a couple weeks now and I can happily say that unlike regular coffee, it hasn’t been irritating my stomach! Now if you are true coffee connoisseur, I’d imagine that this wouldn’t be up your alley because it doesn’t have an authentic coffee taste, and is thicker in consistency (most likely due to the protein), but I find it to be really refreshing and I actually crave it whenever I wake up. I can’t really say if the protein aspect has been changing my life, but I’d like to think it helps keep me full longer after breakfast!

  • Eddie Bauer Winter Coat


Before receiving this coat on Wednesday, I had been rocking a black pea coat from American Eagle that I got my senior year of high school…in 2008. While the pea coat served it’s purpose and kept me warm, it was always a magnet for dog and cat hair, and if not maintained properly, would ultimately look like an off the rack fur coat. My mom was kind enough (Thanks Mom!) to get me this new coat, and guess what? IT’S PET HAIR RESISTANT!!! It also keeps me warm, but to be honest, I’m just glad I won’t have to be lint rolling for fifteen minutes before I leave the house each winter.

  • Lancôme Artliner Liquid Liner


Nothing brings me both so much joy, and so much frustration than that of eyeliner. I feel like I have tried them all, whether it be drugstore or high end, and while I wish I could say I found a miracle product that was under $10, I did find one that is $30.50, BUT I SWEAR IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT. Listen, I’m sucker for felt tip liners, and this one is by far the best and creates a smooth line every time. Not to mention it doesn’t fade, it easily washes off at the end of the day, and I want to marry it. Before this I was using the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner, and felt kind of “meh” about it. It tended to fade pretty easily, and I always felt like I did a sloppy job with it. I’m so glad I made the switch to Lancôme, and I will continue to stick with this fancy liner until my bank account says otherwise.

Okay that’s all for this week! I hope you all have a good weekend, and I’ll be back Monday with a (hopefully good) concert review!

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. coffeegrounded

    Wow! How lucky is this? I know the writer and the first commenter. Small world, except for the three day travel by car or the one full day by air. Either way, it’s wonderful to meet up with family in a paragraph.

    Seriously, I love your posts, Mal and I hope you’ll begin to post again too, Meggars.




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