March Stitch Fix Unboxing (#2)

Hello! Today I am introducing my new series, “What’s in the box?!”, loosely inspired by this scene (Sorry, Paltrow), but mostly inspired by various subscription boxes I receive each month. As of right now I receive Stitchfix, Grazebox, and Stridebox on a monthly basis. I’m a new member to Stitchfix, and I received my second box last night, so I thought I’d do a mini review for you guys!

Now to preface, my reasoning for signing up for Stitchfix is purely based on the fact that I hate clothes shopping. Most if not all of my clothes shopping is performed online, because I genuinely loathe the process of going out and trying on clothes. Not to mention, I feel like I’ve been wearing the same clothes since high school. My evolution of style peaked in 2008, and despite being friends with super stylish people (Shout out to you, Natalie), I feel like I am stuck in an endless rut of t-shirts, cardigans, and jeans. That being said, after following Pbfingers and Living In Yellow for some time, and reading their Stitch Fix review success stories, I thought I’d make the investment and give it a shot. The process of registering for a box was actually super fun, and it felt like I was filling out an online dating profile for clothes. Aside from sizing and budget questions, they provide examples of outfits that you rate, colors and patterns you prefer to avoid, and a section where you can add specific notes. I let my stylist (I feel like a celebrity when I say this) know that I prefer casual and comfortable for weekend wear, and classic and fresh looks similar to that of Lauren Conrad (Team L.C. 4ever) for work. You can also link your Pinterest  boards for the stylists to look at as well! Afterwards, they have a place where you can leave a special note for your stylist letting them know if you have any special occasions coming up, or if you would like to request any items in particular.

My first box was a mild success. I kept 3 out of the 5 items sent to me, but what I appreciated most was the note from the stylist that put the pieces she put together. She mentioned that she based the selection off of my Pinterest board, and took into consideration Texas winter weather (which she had described as mild. Oh girl, if you only knew). I’m sorry I don’t have pictures, but I had received a black blazer (kept), a black and white striped sweather (kept), a sandy brown open cardigan (returned), boyfriend jeans (kept), and a black and white polka dot wrap dress (returned).

My second box arrived last night, and I was beyond pumped to open it. Sadly, I was met with a load of dissatisfaction for a variety of reasons. It was put together by a different stylist, and they had completely ignored the special note where I had mentioned I was looking for colors along the lines of mint green, blush pink, and white. I kept two of the five items. Ugh. I know it will be a hit or miss sometimes, but maybe after you see the photos you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

  • Clove Twist Back Cardigan (Kept)


This cardigan is a deep teal, and I love it because it is ultra soft and comfortable, and will serve as a great pop of color for my work wardrobe.

  • Anderson Roll Tab Plaid Top (Returned)


This was an extremely unflattering top on me. I’m not a big fan of the high low cut, and the plaid pattern wasn’t my favorite either.

  • Dean Skinny Jean (Returned)


I almoooost kept these, but I really couldn’t think of anything I already owned that would pair well with that color, other than my boots, but I’m hoping (keyword being hoping) to retire those for the next six months with Spring right around the corner. Oh, and they were $78. Ha. No.

  • Lana Lace Detail V-Neck Blouse (Kept)


I really love the black lace detail on this blouse, and I think it would look great tucked in with the black slacks I have for work, and the black blazer from my last box. Also maybe paired with colored denim shorts? We’ll see!

  • Zad Clover Earrings (Returned)


I really do like these, but I have a pair of gold earrings very similar and I couldn’t justify the $32 price tag.

All in all, this was a bummer of a box. I thought I was very specific with my instructions, and even went as far as to pin ideas to my board that I thought reflected those instructions, but oh well! I’ve requested the stylist I had from my first box for next month, so hopefully that will make the next experience more enjoyable!

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

2 thoughts on “March Stitch Fix Unboxing (#2)

  1. coffeegrounded

    Love that sweater, and that white sleeveless top is a definite keeper, but I agree, someone was off their game when they put that collection together.

    It will be interesting to see what you find in next months box. It must feel like Christmas each time that box arrives, minus the fact you have to pay. 😉



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