Dear Winter, Could You Not?

It is currently cold and rainy out (with the looming threat of sleet!), for what seems like the 100th day in row. I am fairly certain the sun is something I imagined long ago, and “Summer” is something I saw in a movie once. While my deepest sympathies go out to anyone who may be braving this winter up north (sending extra good vibes and sunshine your way, Boston), I can definitely say this Texas winter has been awful. I have grown accustomed to crazy and inconsistent weather, but come on. My spring and summer wardrobe continue to collect dust, and sit (or hang rather) tucked away in the back of my closet, while I continue to wear the begeezus out of my sweaters and scarves. While I’m not vehemently opposed to running on a treadmill (thanks to TV access and my gym being kind enough to subscribe to a cable package that includes HGTV), I’d much rather be outside running in the park or by the lake. Not to mention no one here is prepared to drive during inclement weather conditions, and last week one accident resulted in an insane car pile up. While this season has been a downer, I am able to defeat it’s blues every once and awhile with a few tricks. Here’s some examples:

  • If your work or school gets canceled, and you feel cabin fever creeping in, take advantage of the TV shows or movies on Netflix that you have been meaning to watch (or re-watch in my case). Last snow day I watched both Wayne’s World 1 & 2 (excellent!). I realize I could have watched something new, or maybe something Academy Award winning…buuuuut I didn’t. Maybe another time, Theory of Everything!
  • Clean your bathroom. You should be doing this regularly anyways, but if you have extra time due to a snow day, or need a reason to feel useful…clean your bathroom.
  • Drink.
  • Stock up your car with winter weather essentials just to be on the safe side. Here’s a good list of things to have handy. I also like to make sure before I leave anywhere that my phone is fully charged, and I keep a pair of tennis shoes in my car in the event I get stuck and have to get out and walk.
  • Try drinking again.
  • Online shop for spring and summer clothes and pretend like those seasons will actually happen.

It’s not a great list, but drinking is mentioned twice, so I think that should do you some good. Either way, let’s continue to power through this winter and hope to god that spring is just around the corner!

Have a good Wednesday!

One thought on “Dear Winter, Could You Not?

  1. coffeegrounded

    Great link for those items we tend to forget about.

    Just think, freezing into the month of March means that we will be crispy-fried all the way into November…if Winter does, in fact, cease.

    Shopping. I love shopping, finding bargains, but at my age I have to consider two things, the ever shifting sands of time and the fact that muscle is harder to amass once a person reaches a certain age. So I say, “Hallelujah, enjoy youth while you have it, and continue to drink, especially all twelve glasses of water on a daily basis. Beer and wine are fun too, but not when you’re driving a vehicle. Your family could not bear the pain of losing their miracle child.”



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