Monday Musings: Working Girl

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and a good start to your work/school week! Guess what today was for me? My first day at the new job! It was definitely information overload, but I’m really excited! Also, my building has it’s own gym, and a little area where you can order pre made deli sandwiches and snacks! I might not be going for the sandwiches, but it’s nice to know there are some healthy snack options if I hit a slump during the day and need to refuel!

I’ll be sure to update you all with exciting happenings as my job moves along, but I suspect it is going to be a lot of paperwork and shadowing for me for the next couple of weeks! Work things aside, let’s break down the weekend with some snazzy bullet points, shall we?

  • Friday was mine and Jake’s one year anniversary! We celebrated by seeing (one of my absolute favorite bands btw) Death Cab for Cutie at the KXT Summer Cut Fest! The Oh Hello’s, The Hold Steady, and Iron and Wine also played and were awesome! Here’s a picture of me having a great time at the concert.
Fun times.

Fun times.

  • Saturday I went to Joe T. Garcia’s with my good friend Courtney and enjoyed some margs, fajitas, and laughs. She lives in Oklahoma now so I don’t get to see her that often, so it was great being able to catch up and hang out for a bit. Later that night we met up with our good friend Lindsey for more drinks (woops). We capped off the night with some Real Housewives of New York and the initiation of Team Carole Radziwill 4Ever Club. If you are anything but Team Carole, then please see yourself out of this blog.
  • Sunday Jake surprised me with the coolest anniversary present ever. A record player!


 I’ve been collecting vinyls without a record player like a weirdo for years now. I finally understand what people mean in regards to the sound quality and feel. Jake said he has an awesome present in store for my birthday this weekend, so unless it’s a bucket of hot wings, or my own cat sanctuary, I really don’t know how he’ll top the record player!

That was all for this weekend, plus my Monday! Cheers to my new job and the opportunity to post on a more regular basis! Have a great week!

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