Monday Musings

Happy Monday, cool kids. Sorry for the absence last week, but it got a little hectic. Why? BECAUSE I GOT A NEW JOB, and also my mom was out of town so I was double timing it keeping the house together, and both of my parents had a birthday this past week, so it was a little crazy. Oh, but did you catch the part about me getting a new job?? Let me break down for you, and few other things, BULLET POINT STYLE.

  • I was officially offered the job last Wednesday. This was my reaction.


  • My last day at my terrible job is this Friday. This will be me leaving.


  • I’m considering teaching myself how to drift my car so I can exit the parking lot that way on Friday, but we’ll see.
  • In other news I completed one of my summer goals (along with getting a new job by the end of the month!), and made it to my 50th yoga class last week! I haven’t gotten my 50th class wristband yet (for some reason they always hand them out like 5 classes later), but I’ll be sure to show it off later!
  • I’m seeing Fall Out Boy and Paramore in concert tomorrow! In other words I’m going to Warped Tour 2006.
  • Jake and I went to the lake this weekend and took this awesome photo.
Bedrock climbing beer enthusiasts.

Bedrock climbing beer enthusiasts.

That’s about all I can offer in terms of an exciting recap of recent events, but it sure was exciting, wasn’t it? Hopefully I can catch back up with you guys on Thursday with a concert recap! In the meantime I’ve got some fun blog ideas I’ve been cooking up, so be sure to stick around for those now that I’ll have a regular work schedule and more time to commit to daily posts! Have a great week!

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