On The Run: Jay-Z & Beyoncé Concert

Hello everyone! Sorry about not debuting the Jay-Z and Beyoncé on Thursday as I had promised. My job interview was Friday morning and I didn’t get off work until 8 pm on Thursday, so I spent the evening prepping for the interview, but alas the post is here!

Jake, and my best friend, Stefan, and I arrived about an hour or so before the show started, so we have plenty of time to take in the majesty that is AT&T Stadium. I had never been there before, so it was definitely an experience basking in the glory of Jerry Jones’ greatest creation (a winning team is not one of them. BURRRRRN). Also, I thought I had dressed kind of cute, but a lot of people there showed up like it was Prom 2014, so note to self, step it the hell up next time you see Beyoncé.

So, unless you live under a rock, or you are just a boring person, Jay-Z and Beyoncé have a had running Bonnie and Clyde theme throughout their relationship/collab projects, hence the “On The Run” tour name. In between songs a short film of them driving fast cars and shooting guns in a desert was played, but kind of strays from the fact that I doubt Bonnie and Clyde drove anything other than a beat up Model-T or a dehydrated horse. Oh well, I get what they were going for.

Bonnie & Clyde '03

Please don’t get a divorce.

They started off the show (appropriately) with ’03 Bonnie & Clyde, and then immediately transitioned into a medley of their collaborations, which would ultimately the second theme of the show, medleys. A lot of medleys. It was essentially the “Hit Clips” of concerts, 20-30 seconds of Bey on one song, and then oh hey look it’s Jay again. I don’t think either of them sang the entirety of one song more than 2 or 3 times. I understand they were essentially combining two concerts into one, but I didn’t spend a dumb amount of money to only hear 14 seconds of “Naughty Girl”, and then only to have Jay roll out and do a verse or two, and then volley it back to Bey.

Bey gets her barre workout in during the show.

Bey gets her barre workout in during the show.

I feel like this review has started off on a negative note, but let me clarify, I did have fun, and it really was entertaining, but I would have preferred more complete performances. That being said, enjoy this twenty second video I took during the show.

I will say, if you are a female, and looking to feel wildly inadequate, go see Beyoncé live. That girl is 100% legs for days and is probably the only person who can wear a leather unitard and make it work, and then some.

God bless Bey & Jay.

God bless Bey & Jay.

Whether it’s a publicity stunt to bring in concert goers for this tour or not, their divorce rumors are running especially rampant lately. I had heard that Beyoncé had been vaguely dropping hints at shows by changing lyrics to some of her songs, but oh boy. I wish I had taken video of it, but towards the end of the show she launched into a ballad (while wearing what I can only describe as a wedding dress pant suit), which included lyrics along the lines of being with someone for twelve years and then learning of their infidelity, as well as calling out other woman is not even being half of what she is (obviously), and then learning to forgive. She immediately followed it with Love On Top, so I’m guessing things are okay with them? I don’t know. What I do know is that I hope to god they work it out so I can go to their farewell tour when I’m 50.

Rumors and twenty second songs aside, this really was an enjoyable concert, and with out of doubt the biggest and most insane live production I have ever seen. It was my first experience at “Jerry World” (AT&T stadium, to anyone who lives outside of Texas), and man that jumbotron was out of control! It was about the size of a standard WalMart Super Center, to give you an idea. Okay not really, but it definitely paid to have that view given that my seats made Jay and Bey look like tiny ant people from the stage. I know Justin Timberlake is coming to town this December. I think I could stand to look at a blown up view of his face for 2 hours. I’m going to end this post so I can go check StubHub now…

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