I Want to Go to There Wednesday: Trader Joe’s



Happy Wednesday, my friends! Look who has finally returned with another ‘I Want to Go to There’ post! it was about time in my opinion. I’ve retired the ‘Dumb Summer Bucket List’ posts for now, but hey summer still isn’t over, so there may be a few more in the future (there will be)!

As I have mentioned in the past couple of posts, a Whole Foods recently opened up in my neighborhood and it is blowing my mind. I’ve been four times in two weeks. Oops. However, Whole Foods may soon have to battle for top spot in my heart because a Trader Joe’s is opening nearby pretty soon. I’ve only been to a Trader Joe’s once, and it was to use their bathroom, but the walk from the entrance to women’s restroom immediately had me sold on what Trader Joe’s was bringing to the table. In comparison to specialty grocery stores like Whole Foods, and Central Market, Trader Joe’s essentially has the same food/products but the atmosphere is very much “small town community”.


I feel right at home, until I see a $14 jar of coconut oil.

In relation to the atmosphere and structure of my local Central Market and Whole Foods, both have the obvious “Hey, I’m a rich mom. Bagger boy, please unload my fresh flowers and fish oil vitamins into the back of my Lexus, please.” feel, whereas Trader Joe’s is very “Someone is probably going to try and sell me pot in the parking lot”, but in an endearing way.

I’ve heard Trader Joe’s has a pretty solid snack selection that I am looking forward to, as well as (and for reasons I have yet to understand) a pretty sweet holistic beauty line. I’m always drawn to “organic mascaras” until I roll over the tube and notice the $22 price label. Isn’t mascara made out of bat poop? Is it organic because the bats are grass fed? Bats don’t eat grass, what am I saying.

Out of everything though, I am most pumped to get my hands on this.

Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion

Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion

I have read many rave reviews on this stuff, and considering how much I love peanut butter, and cookies, I’m sure it will become the new love of my life (Sorry, Jake. We had a good run) There are a few flavors, one of which involves chocolate, so I am ready to 100% throw out my healthy eating habits for this jar of sweet goodness. My only dilemma is that I’m not exactly sure as to what you would pair cookie butter with. Do you smear it on toast? Eat it with more cookies? I don’t know, but I’m sure it will just end with me, the jar, a spoon, and a Bob’s Burgers marathon…as do most things.

I haven’t been able to find out what month TJ is opening (already giving it a nickname), but I’ve heard it supposed to be closer to fall. It’s opening in an area Jake and I frequent a lot, so much like my current Whole Foods situation, I’m sure he will be dragged into this establishment to gawk at fresh pressed juices with me. Either way, I’m ready for you, Trader Joe’s.

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