Monday Musings.

Hey there, pals! Did you see that I changed the post title? Alliteration is great, isn’t it? I figured following up a “Weekend Finds” with a “Weekend Recap” was just too much back to back weekend junk. So let’s get into what’s going on this fine Monday, shall we? BULLET POINT STYLE.

  • I have had a stye in my left eye for about two days now and is starting to make me lose my mind (up in here, up in here). I’ve tried warm compresses, eye drops, witchcraft, etc… (kidding about the witchcraft, but if anyone has Stevie Nicks’ number…). I’m going to see Beyonce in concert tomorrow and I really don’t want to roll up looking Mr. DeMartino from Daria.



  • Also, I don’t know if you caught that, but I’m seeing BEYONCE tomorrow (and Jay-Z, but come on). I am not emotionally prepared, but I do have an outfit picked out. Baby steps. Hopefully I can share some photos with you guys on Thursday! I hope I am still functioning by Thursday to even write anything!
  • I also got a callback for a job I applied for last week! I unfortunately wasn’t able to reach the the HR woman who reached out to me until she had left the office for the day, but hopefully I can get back in touch with her tomorrow morning and get an interview time scheduled!
  • Speaking of jobs, Jake’s BFF just got a super fancy job lined up in Phoenix, Arizona! Yay Taylor!
  • And speaking of Jake AND jobs, he just wrapped on a short film he’s been working on with his friends yesterday! Here’s the trailer!
  • I’m still really obsessed with the Begin Again soundtrack, and I have officially stopped playing “Lost Stars” on an incessant repeat, and moved onto “Like A Fool”. Keira Knightley’s singing voice is 100% adorable, and this song kind of reminds me of Jenny Lewis a little. Check it out below.

And that was my Monday! I’ll see you Wednesday for another IWTGTT installment! I made sure to write in advance, so you can actually count on me this time! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go dance to Beyonce for the rest of the night.

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