Weekend Finds

Let’s all say it, I am the worst at keeping up with this blog…but listen! I think I’ve come up with a way to post on the regular while still dealing with my stupid schedule! I’m thinking of maybe writing a few posts on the weekend, and then post dating them for certain days during the week, most likely Wednesday and Thursday given that those are my late days at work. I’m also thinking of officially transitioning Friday Finds into a weekend post, because I haven’t been able to commit to a Friday post in weeks! However, ‘Weekend Finds’ doesn’t sound very fun, so I’ll be thinking of a new post title for those installments (I’m welcome to your suggestions too!). Cross your fingers this works out. I really do want to commit as much as I can to thing blog. Right now this blog and I very Justin and Selena, and I’m trying to aim for Ellen and Portia. That being said, let’s jump into some mini reviews!

  • Begin Again Soundtrack


Jake and I saw this movie last night, and while the story was a little over the place at times, the soundtrack is AMAZING, and I immediately purchased it the second we left the theater. I wasn’t aware Keira Knightly had a singing voice, but the girl’s got it!  In terms of a story, it’s essentially a more hip adaptation of the move “Once” (it is made by the same people so I guess that makes sense). So if you enjoy people coming together in the name of indie music, this film is for you!

If you are like me, and immediately break out into shingles at the sight of Adam Levine, then it might be best to avoid this movie. His acting was comparable to the time when my sister was in high school and let me be in a video she had to make for her AP Government class. What I’m trying to say is that it was overly ambitious and awful. However, his songs in the film are really good and I really love his “Lost Stars” track. Other than that, he’s still a Victoria’s Secret model hoarder and weirdo to me.

  • Amazing Grass Green Superfood Drink Mix


I am terrible about incorporating greens into my diet. I really do try, but much like this blog, I just can’t commit. That was until Whole Foods opened both in my town, and in my heart, and I discovered this drink mix! They have a lot of different flavors, and I’ve sampled their Chocolate mix, but I’m definitely aiming to try their Orange Dreamcicle flavor next! The mix is loaded with a ton of greens, namely spinach, spirulina, and kale. I’ll add a small scoop to my ice water twice a day, and take it to go in a water bottle. I’m sure people are wondering if I’m drinking swamp water (it blends into a murky green brown color), but hey I’m being healthy, so leave me alone!

  • DIY Shampoo & Conditioner


I’ll be honest, I really can’t give you a solid review on this yet, because I literally JUST washed my hair with these concoctions and my hair is still wet. I reused an old body wash bottle and mixed 4 cups warm water with 4 tablespoons baking soda, and in the orange water bottle I have two cups water and two 1/2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar. I believe this is called the “No Poo Method” but that phrase makes me feel weird, so I’m just calling it “DIY Shampoo & Conditioner”. I’m trying to transition into a more natural hair and skin care routine, so we’ll see how this works! I’ve read reviews that your hair initially looks like Medusa’s snake nest for a couple of weeks before adapting to the routine and then eventually revealing awesome hair! I naturally have pretty wavy hair, but most commercial hair products weigh the waves down and I’m left with a flat and boring mess, so I’m hoping this will bring my waves back so I can stop faking it by wearing my hair in a braid every night! I’ll keep you guys posted on how it’s going!

That’s all for this week, folks! I’m going to attempt to write a Wednesday/Thursday post this weekend and schedule it out accordingly, but I’ll be back Monday with a Weekend Review! Have a great weekend!

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