Weekend Finds

Hello, it’s your favorite deadbeat blogger! This week has been a tad hectic, hence the lack of posts. I had meant to supplement Tuesday’s post with a IWTGTTW, but naturally I put it off. Well, Wednesday passed…as did Thursday…and womp womp womp no posts to be found. Friday could have easily included a ‘Friday Finds’, but that day was outrageously busy from the beginning to end. Ah, excuses. I really need to lock down a schedule for posts now that I have a new work schedule. I fear that it will probably change again once August rolls around, but in the meantime I really need to commit to something. Maybe that will be another July goal I can throw in? Let’s hope so! In the meantime, let’s get down on some Weekend Finds.

  • Stridebox Water Bottle
Shout out to my Wendy Davis sneaks.

Shout out to my Wendy Davis sneaks.

I’ve mentioned Stridebox in the past before, and I really can’t recommend them enough, but this month they really went all out! Almost anytime I am awarded a free t-shirt or water bottle, I am immediately sold. This month’s box included this inspirational water bottle that was born to be Instagram’d. I’ve been using it this week with the electrolyte samples that were also included in this month’s box, and so far it has been great! It has yet to warp in the dishwasher, so that’s a plus, and it definitely makes me want to get out and run more. It has a flip top spout, which is great if you want to fill it with a protein smoothie, or Cheetos. Just kidding about the Cheetos. You could though.

  • Booze
Kitchen sink photography, y'all.

Kitchen sink photography, y’all.

This might not be the classiest “find” I’ve featured, but we’re adults here, right? Okay actually it isn’t so much booze as it is this delightful Sauvigon Blanc I discovered at Whole Foods this weekend. I lack the fancy wine vocab to describe the taste of this, but I’ll give it a shot. I found that this wine tasted very “good”. It had hints of “alcohol”, and the wine bottle appeared to be made of “glass”. Nailed it.

  • Whole Foods
I am very proud of this photo. I should submit it to a contest.

I am very proud of this photo. I should submit it to a contest.

Speaking of Whole Foods, my town just got one and I am now a better person for it. I have gone twice in the past two days and I honestly could go every day of the week and not tire of it. Is it weird that I am this excited over a grocery store? There is actually a Central Market nearby (basically the same products/food), but my local CM is painfully tiny and always insanely crowded. Every shopping experience feels like a Walmart on 12:01 am on Black Friday. The new Whole Foods is very spacious, and doesn’t make me feel like I am about to have a claustrophobic meltdown. I am not entirely pumped about their $7 bottles of coconut water, but hey, any place that sells strawberry pineapple juice and features a produce section that is more colorful than anything I could have made with a box of Crayola’s as a child is fine by me.

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