4th of July Weekend Recap

Hey there, friends. As promised from yesterday here’s the holiday weekend recap you have been (you haven’t) anticipating! Also, a huge thank you to anyone who took time to read yesterday’s post. I read earlier today a memorial fund has been started in his name, so I’ll be to sure to post more info on that once it’s available!

I’m gonna shut up now because there’s a lot of pictures involved, and a lot of sunburn related complaints to get discuss. Let’s begin.

photo 4


The entirety of July 4th felt like a 3 day weekend within itself. I started off the morning running the Patriot 5k with my Dad, and my cousin, Aaron. The run went okay. I tried out the run ten minutes/walk one minute interval, but I felt like it just made me feel extra sluggish. Other than that it was a fun race! My cousin finished the race in 22 minutes, and then proceeded to lose control of his legs for the rest of weekend. Pace yourself there next time, buddy.

After getting home and cleaning up, Jake and I headed out to Grapevine Lake to meet his friends on their boat. I felt very much like P.Diddy (Jake obviously being J.Lo in this scenario).

Hamptions vaca 2014*~*~*~

Hamptions vaca 2014*~*~*~

I mentioned all of this last week, so let me just fast forward to that night. After the boat I went home and proceeded to nap like I never had before until it was time for dinner. I cleaned up (ONCE AGAIN) and then met Jake and his friends (ONCE AGAIN) for dinner and fireworks. I played Corn Hole for the first time, and by “played” I mean, “threw it 50 yards away from the designated target and yelled about it a lot”. I’m going to blame my poor performance on the mosquito bites that ultimately covered my legs like chicken pox. Jake’s friends had several citronella candles lit, and Jake’s friend’s wife, Katie, and I had tried using dryer sheets as protection from the bites, but still, nothing! I’m just going to start wearing a hazmat suit for the rest of summer.

Once we all tired of throwing sandbags into a hole, Katie brought out the sparklers.

Jake is America.

Jake is America.

And I am Laura Ingalls Wilder with my dumb braids.

And I am Laura Ingalls Wilder with my dumb braids.

Jake at one point lit four sparklers at once, so that was a great moment in fire safety. Eventually night time rolled around, and so did the fireworks. Jake’s friends live relatively close to the lake (where the fireworks show was taking place) so we were able to get a great view from their front yard!

Insert Katy Perry lyrics here.

Insert Katy Perry lyrics here.

In conclusion, I had pretty awesome 4th of July, and really cannot be topped in my opinion (unless you went to Mexico with Beyonce or something). Although, last year I did get drunk and hang out with a bunch of horses, so…

Summer 2013 - I was probably trying to convince this Clydesdale to start watching Breaking Bad.

Summer 2013 – I was probably trying to convince this Clydesdale to start watching Breaking Bad.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I’m hoping tomorrow I can get a IWTGTW post after work, but we’ll see! If not, you know me, I’ll just post it a day late and incessantly apologize. Claaaaasic Mallory.

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