Weekend Finds

Happy Saturday, friends! I am once again a day late and dollar short on ‘Friday Finds’, but given that yesterday was a holiday and crazy busy, we can all look past that, right? Great! I’ll be recapping the 4th of July weekend on Monday, but until then let’s dig into some reviews and tend to our sunburns (SPF 30 my ass, Target sunscreen), shall we? Sorry I keep asking you questions. Are you mad? Okay I’m done.

As if the label wasn't helpful enough, here, have a caption.

As if the label wasn’t helpful enough, here, have a caption.

Okay, if you are a human being who has been using internet at all for the past for 2-3 years, then I’m sure you have heard enough about this stuff and how “magical” it is for hair, skin, and whatever else you want to put it on. Well let me just tell you something. It is magical. I have been using it off and on for the past couple of years as a hair conditioner, and some occasions, baking purposes (I use separate jars for cooking, you guys. I’m not that disgusting). I recently started it using it as a makeup remover and face wash and have been very pleased. I’ll first use it to melt off the makeup, and then I’ll place a warm washcloth over face and try not to water board myself for about 30-60 seconds. From there I’ll use the washcloth to scrub everything off, and then voila, I have a clean face! Thanks coconut oil, you’re a real champion. I’ll probably ditch you when the next skincare fad comes along, but for now you are great.

The Mallory Motivation Station.

The Mallory Motivation Station.

This actually is not a favorite, but I’m pretending it is to psyche myself up. As of July 1st, I am officially back in gear for half marathon training *proceeds to die inside a little*. My next half is towards the end of September, and I’ve go two months to act like I’m ready to run 13.1 miles again. I’m a little nervous given that is now summer, so I’ve got heat working against me during my runs, but I guess I’ll just have to get up a little bit earlier on the weekends to sneak in a run before it hits 100 degrees by 9 am. Yay. I’m sure I’ll be fine. Last time I was training it was during one of the worst winters Texas ever had, so if I can handle numb fingers and a thousand layers of clothing, I’m sure I can handle behaving like this after a run:

"This is no way to run a desert!"

“This is no way to run a desert!”

I’m still tweaking my weekly workout schedule, but I’m trying to make it two days running/three days yoga with two rest days in between. We’ll see. Once I have something set in stone I’ll be sure to share, and if you are a more experienced runner you can yell at me and make my schedule for me.

Appropriately used a filter called "Beachy" for this one.

Appropriately used a filter called “Beachy” for this one.

Jake and I spent our 4th of July on Grapevine Lake with friends yesterday! Jake’s friend, Brett and his wife Katie, were nice enough to let us hang out on their boat with them for the day! We went tubing (Jake, not I. I wasn’t in the mood to slap against water repeatedly), we stopped at a restaurant and walked away with free beer (the perks of losing your liquor license I suppose), and I walked away with sunburn that looks as if I fell asleep on an open faced George Foreman Grill. All in all, it was a success. I hadn’t been out at Grapevine Lake in a long time, and it’s now definitely a place to return to this summer. #lakelife, y’all.

That’s enough for today. I hope you all had a fantastic Fourth of July, and a great rest of your weekend. If you are like me, you’ll spend it in a corpse pose whilst drowning your skin in aloe vera! See you Monday!

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