I Want to Go to There – Mallory’s Summer Bucket List



Happy Wednesday, my friends! Fun fact, I’m actually writing this on Tuesday! Guess who rolled into work and learned their Wednesday shift had been changed from 8-5 to 12-9? All signs and thumbs point to me. I may have to write all of my IWTGTTW posts on Tuesdays for the time being due to this outrageously dumb schedule of mine.

As promised from last week, I would include my personal summer bucket list ideas. These are things not inspired are stolen from Pinterest, and purely things I would like to accomplish in the summer months. Granted, today is July 1st, so I have like two months left of summer (or 4 if you’re in Texas), so I’ll keep you all posted on my summer goal progress as we move along in the next few posts!

  • Earn my 50th Class Wristband from Sunstone
I look a lot more defeated in my child's pose.

I look a lot more defeated in my child’s pose.

I’ve been attending Sunstone Yoga classes for about six months now, and I am loving it! Currently I am only able to make it to two classes a week, but if I had time I know I would be there every day! I started yoga as a cross training program to go along with my half marathon training at the beginning of this year, and it soon became my new love. I’m currently on my 43rd class and I would really like to reach 50 by the end of this month. The incentive? A super cool wristband, and everyone claps for you at the beginning of class!

  • Make A Sock Monkey
Up Close & Personal

Up Close & Personal

A strange bucket list item for sure, and even stranger that I’ve made one before (see above), but man was that a fun afternoon craft! I had purchased a DIY Sock Monkey kit a Joann’s three summers ago on clearance as something to do because I was 20 years old and couldn’t legally drink yet so what the hell else was I supposed to do that summer? Anyways, I really want to make another one. Maybe a family sock monkeys? Yes, this is a fantastic idea.

  • Learn How to Fishtail Braid
Might as well be witch craft

Might as well be witch craft

You guys, I have spent a whole WEEK trying to get this down. I’ve attempted to do this while following a Youtube tutorial. Nothing. Practiced until my arms were sore. Still nothing. While waiting for our friend to show to up to dinner, my good friend Rachel took my side ponytail I was wearing (forever 1986 y’all) and proceeded to fishtail my hair in less than a minute. Fury ignited in me and I am now determined more than ever to learn how to do it myself. It is on, HAIR!

  • Finish Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice & Fire
The IG filter was necessary, okay?

The IG filter was necessary, okay?

I recently started the immensely popular Game of Thrones series a couple weeks ago, and I am now on the GoT band wagon. I’ll admit, the fact that some of their’s characters names are mostly just vowels, while others are simply named “Ned” or “Jon” confuses me at times, but other than that it has been a great read! On my Nook it clocks in at around 828 pages, so I should see myself finishing this around mid August.

And last but not least….

Before I knew how terrible the real world actually is

Before I knew how terrible the real world actually is

My number one goal by the end of this month is to land a new job. As of this week, I am officially dedicating an hour a night to job hunting and resume posting. Thankfully, a friend of mine recommended me over to her company and has been nice enough to personally hand my resume to her boss this week. I’ve also begun a serious committed relationship to LinkedIn, which has yet to yield any fruitful results. I’m hoping this hard work will pay off. I honestly cannot fathom another month at my current job. Here’s to positive thoughts, crossed fingers, and (almost at the point) of bribing friends and family to land me an interview.

Well that’s my official summer bucket list! I’ll keep you all updated as I attempt to cross off one at a time! Now if I could land a new job before I make sock monkey I will be especially impressed with myself!

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