Weekend Recap – Keep Austin Weird

Hey there, friends. Hope you are all having a nice Monday. Mine has been pretty awful. I found out ten minutes before I clocked out of work that I (and a few other employees) were transferred to an entirely new team, with an entirely new schedule…in an entirely new building. Needless to say, I am not very pumped. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not much, but I have volleyed back and forth between departments five times, with other 10 different schedule changes in the one year I have worked there. Oh well. I’m trying not to let this ruin my week, and who knows maybe it won’t be so bad? In the meantime, I will continue to send out my resume and job hunt till I eventually settle and find work as friendship bracelet mall vendor.

Debbie Downer news aside, I had an awesome weekend worth recapping, so let’s get down to it!

  • Friday

Okay this part of my weekend wasn’t too eventful. Jake and I went to Red Lobster because we have been married for 45 years and are done trying. We did however watch Bad Words and that was a delight. Always nice to see Jason Bateman with a bad attitude and penchant for cursing.

  • Saturday

Okay this was the fun day! I started out the morning with a hot yoga class and then booked it home to get ready for a day trip to Austin, Texas! For anyone not familiar with where I live in relation to Austin, it’s about 3-4 hours south of me. Four hours if I’m driving, three if it’s literally anyone else. Jake and I went to attend the Keep Austin Weird Festival/5k and it was a blast!

"What a great shot!" - said nobody

“What a great shot!” – said nobody

The festival portion consisted of live local music, food trucks, break dancing children, a lot of elaborate costumes, and of course…

My sweet prince.

My sweet prince.

Jake and I enjoyed free Korean BBQ tacos (my first time trying Korean BBQ), while enjoying a healthy dose of people watching. I felt a little awkward taking pictures of other people’s costumes, but there were a lot of creative ones for sure (including a Merman who really really committed to his pair of tights). We hung out until it was time for the 5k at 7 pm. I wasn’t planning on running, knowing that there would be food stops along the way (also the beer right before didn’t help either). What I didn’t know about was the best stop of all, which wasn’t even half a mile in! Fire up that loud, another round of shots…



I would like to to say that I personally did not pick the “Porn Star” flavor. The girl handing out the shots described one being sweet tart flavored and I willingly agreed. However, it tasted like really bad cough medicine (not that I know what good cough medicine tastes like. It always tastes like artificial grape and battery acid to me). Jake was smart and opted for whiskey flavored shots. Lesson learned.

Shortly after the shots we were handed water balloons…

Discarded from The Real Housewives Beverly Hills set.

Discarded from The Real Housewives Beverly Hills set.

Me, being the moron that I am, accidentally popped it in my own hand before I had the chance to throw it at anyone (Jake’s face). One guy threw one at a nearby innocent cyclist, who then promptly delivered a well deserved middle finger. Once the mini water balloon fight dissipated, we were directed to what looked like a very low budget Double Dare obstacle course.

Sadly, no Marc Summers.

Sadly, no Marc Summers.

You were handed a plate with a cup of water and instructed to make your way through the web of red strings. I can proudly say I never spilt my cup of water, nor did I trip at any point. It was quite the victory given my newborn giraffe like grace.

In true Austin fashion, some live music was featured a long the way, and boy did they deliver.

Ukelele jam sesh

Ukelele jam sesh

We passed by during a performance of my life anthem, “Margaritaville.” They were actually very good and were still going strong when we ventured back around for the last half of the race!

There a few other stops I wasn’t able to get photos of: a vodka station, a “slap the bag” challenge (ah, college), slip-n-slide, Amy’s Ice Cream (my love), and a bubble machine. Once we hit the finish line, it was unfortunately time to make the drive home since I had to up for work (ON A SUNDAY) the next morning. All in all it was an awesome day trip, and it just intensified my love for Austin. I hope to one day to be rich and hip enough to live down there. Mostly hoping to be hip enough.

  • Sunday

I had a half day at work (ew), and then headed to the gym with my dad where I biked a solid ten miles! I have to credit most of my motivation to the World Cup and the music of Michael Jackson, which got me through the simulated hills and resistance levels. Afterwards I picked up some sandwiches and headed to Jake’s where he worked on golf things while I read Game of Thrones (more on this in the next Friday Finds!).

That was my weekend, kids! In exciting news, my new schedule will allow a stronger chance for me to always commit to a I Want to Go to There posts! My old Wednesday schedule was 10-7, and often times I would just not be in the mood to blog once I got home. This time around (for now) I’ll be getting off at 5 pm, so that should be helpful! Have a good week!

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