10 Day You Challenge – 6 Places



  • 6 Places

I figured since I dedicate a post every Wednesday to place I would like to see, I could make this challenge 6 places I am not fond of and/or would prefer not to see.

6. Auto shop/Car repair waiting room.

A March 1997 copy of Reader’s Digest, an M&M dispenser that I am sure gets refilled every 25 years, a small child who won’t quit staring at you, and if you’re lucky maybe they have a TV on! Of course the TV is probably set to a minor league softball game and you have no way of changing it, and then it ends with you paying $200 for a new car battery. What a great day!

5. My car during the summer

A pleasant 106 degrees at all times. Oh and if you are wondering where the skin is on the back of my thighs, it’s melted onto my driver’s seat.

4. Any concert where the most of the audience is made up of 13-17 year olds.

I shouldn’t complain. I was once a teen having a good time at a concert, and I can’t tell if it’s me getting older or younger kids becoming more ridiculous, but man sometimes they can ruin a concert. A few years ago I went with some friends to a Blink-182 show and a small rag tag league of tweens sat in front of us either doing one of the following:

  • conceiving a child
  • on their phones the whole times (talking to who??? YOU’RE ALL THERE)
  • screaming incessantly, not singing along to any of the songs, just screaming.

Maybe I’m just becoming a senile old man, but get it together, kids.

3. A boy’s bathroom (NOT a public bathroom, but a male friend, boyfriend, random dude’s bathroom in general)

Most, if not every time I have walked into a bathroom belonging to a male, I have thought to myself, “So, this is hell.” Why is there hair everywhere? Do they throw it up in the air after they shave like confetti and marvel at it as it flies across the room and settles into EVERYTHING? Do they realize the inside of their toilet is black? Because it is. Or if you’re Jake, why do you use the bathtub as a hamper? That is not where dirty clothes go. So many questions. Never any answers.

2. Rainforest Cafe

Could I not have an animatronic gorilla beat it’s chest and scream in my face while I eat a poorly made $14 burger? Thanks.

1. Anthropologie

I love this place so much that it is my least favorite place to go. Everything in that store screams “Mallory! I belong in your closet, or your future living room,  or your cabinets, or your nightstand. I belong with you!” But then…then I look at the price tag. $235 for white linen dress, Anthro are you SERIOUS!? It took me two (TWO) years to finally suck it up and spend the $45 on my all time favorite perfume (Honey Lavender, if you care), and while I realize that isn’t too terrible for perfume, I’ve been rocking Bath & Body Works body splashes since 2002, so don’t talk to me about affordable scents. The things I do have from Anthro I absolutely cherish, which (aside from the perfume) is a kitchen apron, and three tea cups. Every time I walk in it’s a struggle not to leave a floral printed arm chair, and decoupaged bookends in every letter of the alphabet. I often dream of being a rich 30 something, with a kitchen with wall to wall with quirky measuring spoons, and places mats with patterns of conflicting design, but until then I will be poor and cry tears into my tea cup that is shaped like an old timey bathtub.

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