Weekend Finds

Hey Friends! Sorry for being a couple days late, but when I sat down Friday to write a ‘Friday Finds’ post I literally had nothing to talk about. Okay, well that might not be true. I had like two things to talk about. Either way, it wasn’t substantial enough for a whole post, so I figured I’d give myself the weekend to happen upon a few things and share them with you today instead! It’s been a pretty lazy weekend so far (my first day of summer was cloudy and overcast. cool.) but here’s a few things I discovered from the confines of my pillows and blankets.

  • Graze Box Goodies
I want to eat these everyday for the rest of my life.

I want to eat these everyday for the rest of my life.

I’ve mentioned Graze Box before in a past Friday Finds (easy there with the links, Mallory) before, but I must give them another shout out. This month’s box contained some A+ snacks worth sharing, the first being the Sour Cream & Onion Cashews. For starters, my favorite potato chip flavor is sour cream and onion, so point there. These cashews were delightfully seasoned and not too heavy, and had all of the savory goodness you would find in a can of Pringles or half air/half chips bag of Lays, but with the added bonus of the protein you find in cashews!

The Hot Cross Yum bites were AMAZING. If you aren’t able to read what’s on the packaging, it’s essentially: orange raisins, sponge pieces (basically tiny Nilla Wafers), and cinnamon honey almonds. I am now on a life mission to find a life time supply of cinnamon honey almonds, because those were absolutely delicious. I just so happened to be drinking hot tea while I ate these, and they were the perfect little “warm” snack, which I realize may sound silly since it’s June, but given that my office is always at a delightful 12 degrees below freezing, the warmth of the cinnamon coupled with hot tea was a nice little treat.

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
And Bill Murray, as always.

And Bill Murray, as always.

After months of either attempting to see this in theaters, or “Hey we should watch this later”, but end up watching a Modern Family marathon instead, Jake and I finally got to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel last night! For two die hard Wes Anderson fans, it’s a little sad that we waited this long, but that’s our cross to bear. All of the classic Wes Anderson quirks were present: illustrious settings, rich with detail, a dialogue wrought with a eccentric rapidity (vocab y’all), while always being most literal and blunt, Bill Murray, and of course, everything, and I mean everything was in Futura font. While it’s not my favorite film of his (We can all agree on The Royal Tenenbaums, right?) it was definitely enjoyable! Jake fell asleep several times, but in defense he had completed a 60 mile bike ride that day, so I guess that’s reasonable. Like everything else in life, I could have used more Jude Law, but other than that I was very much impressed with the performances. Ralph Fiennes delivered, as ALWAYS. Saoirse Ronan, who’s name while unpronounceable, was perfect as the little pastry chef and romantic counterpart to the Lobby Boy, Zero, played by Tony Revolori. Willem Dafoe was there, but my best friend dated his nephew who wasn’t very nice to her, so I kind of just roll my eyes anytime he shows up in anything. Adrien Brody played an Edward Scissor hand’s haircut with a penchant for yelling, so it was nice to see him working again. I’d definitely recommend it to any one who has enjoyed Wes Anderson’s other work, and to anyone who likes Jude Law’s face.

  • Chipotle
Not a baked potato. I repeat, not a baked potato.

Not a baked potato. I repeat, not a baked potato.

This is embarrassing to admit, but before Friday, I had only had Chipotle once in my life…in 2009. I don’t remember the circumstances, or how I landed on this opinion, but for five years I HATED Chipotle. I vehemently refused to eat there if suggested, and I notoriously professed my disdain for the establishment several times. Why? I have no idea. On Wednesday a coworker let me try it once to see if I would change my mind, and you guys, the first bite was like a choir of angels singing while sitting in a small pool filled with kittens who loved me. My opinion instantly changed, and wouldn’t you know it, the next day my friend texted me asking me if I wanted to grab Chipotle with her for dinner on Friday. If you are interested in my order, I ended up doing: brown rice, chicken, hot sauce, guac, and lettuce (with a side of chips and salsa of course). I had a coupon for a buy one get one, so I ate my on Friday, and I’ve managed to ration off the second for lunch yesterday, and lunch later today. Needless to say, I am addicted now. I suppose if I could get addicted to anything, minimally processed burritos would be the way to go, right?

Well that’s all for my super late Friday Finds! I know I normally do a weekend recap on Mondays, but since I really don’t much worth sharing this weekend, I’ll probably substitute a recap for another 10 Day You Challenge. See you tomorrow!

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