I Want to Go to There: Dumb Summer Bucket List Pt. IV

Hello friends, and happy Wednesday! Can I go ahead and jump into telling you what an awful week this has been? Great, thanks. So yesterday morning I didn’t have work till noon, so as normal I headed out to the gym to sneak in a workout before I had to start getting ready. I get in my car, turn the key, and all I get back is a “rrrrrumph” and then silence. My battery had died. Thankfully my dad was still home and parked conveniently right next to me so we (he) could jump the car. I cautiously made my way to the nearest NTB, and $150 later, had a new battery. Naturally, on my way home the change oil light came on, and then some moron was driving the wrong way down the road on my way to work. I am now 4000% done with cars and will soon be looking to travel via donkey. You only have to replace those once every 15 years, so that’s cost effective.

Ah enough about my troubles. I’m sure that’s the worst it can get this week (knocks on wood), so hopefully it only goes up from here! I’m working over time the rest of this week, and then Friday I am going to see my friend’s new apartment and grab dinner, so that’s a positive! However, this is me we are talking about, so I could probably contract chicken pox on my face or get eaten by a Komodo dragon between then and now, so who knows. For now I’ll just sip on my stress relief tea (Yogi Honey Lavender btw), listen to Explosions In The Sky on Pandora, bust out another Dumb Summer Bucket List, and think happy thoughts.

  • Create melted crayon art
A couple shares an intimate moment surrounded by melted wax.

A couple shares an intimate moment surrounded by melted wax. Romance.

My sister and I have actually done this project a couple of times, and I definitely recommend it as a fun craft to try out! I will say, if you are uncoordinated and terrible at recognizing flattering color schemes, maybe consult Pinterest before putting it together. I had the bright idea to pair dark blue, orange, and forest green crayons together, and ended up with what I like to refer to as “Garbage Disposal Brown”. Also, if you are using a blow dryer to melt the wax (if you are feeling adventurous, try a blow torch!), make sure to point the dryer down. In a state of impatience, wanting the wax to melt faster, I would frantically move the dryer back and forth, only to splash my sister and surrounding furniture with hot wax. Safety first, kids.

  • Do something crazy


This is too vague for me. Also, what constitutes as “crazy” to one person, may not be “crazy” for another. One person may think doing a bunch of ecstasy, and staying up for 3 days while furiously dancing to techno music is a great way to spend a weekend. No, that is crazy. I really enjoy crime documentaries and sometimes I don’t always add sugar when making lemonade. That might be crazy. I don’t know. Listen, what I’m trying to say is that “crazy” is relative. Just don’t commit arson or anything.

  • Volleybeer
Garbage can full of booze plz.

Garbage can full of booze plz.

This is a GREAT idea, and I am not even being sarcastic. My crippling inability to serve a volleyball may limit my amount of fun for this game, but I’m sure much like actual Beer Pong, all skill goes to hell after 20 minutes aways. I’m not sure if the cans are just emptied cans of beer or what, but this looks like a great opportunity to improvise. I realize this may also look outrageously redneck, but aren’t cheap and tacky activities the most fun? The rich person’s equivalent of this would probably be sand volleyball in the Hampton’s, with a chilled lavender mojito waiting for you on your shaded deck, but boozy garbage can volleyball sounds ways more fun to me.

Well that rounds out this week’s Dumb Summer Bucket List! I’m beginning to run low on Summer Bucket List posts, so if you see any good/ridiculous ones send them my way! Or maybe I should just create my own… Hmm, find out next week!

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