Mud is The New Black

Happy Monday, cool kids. I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and your week has started off on the right foot. I dropped my cardigan (librarian alert!) in a puddle on my way out to my car this morning, so I’m hoping that’s the least of my dumb accidents this week. My weekend was pretty good though, but not good enough to warrant a wall of text, so let’s bust out some photos and bullet points instead.

  • Friday

Friday was an exceptionally long day at work, mainly because Orange is The New Black was released that day and I had to wait till that evening to start it. Once I got home, I headed to Snappy Salads with my dad, busted out a Friday Finds, and then headed to Jake’s to start OITNB. I should mention though that I first stopped to get chocolate shakes from Sonic because after mentioning the 2000’s Summer Pandora station in the last FF, I was feeling particularly nostalgic, and rounding out the evening with a childhood/teen years favorite just seemed appropriate. That evening would later result in a awful stomachache, so maybe I’ll opt for a small instead of a medium next time I decide to throw it down with a giant mass of Oreo and chocolate.

In regards to OITNB, I can’t really review anything yet, seeing as how I am only four episodes in (Jake and I made a pact…actually I forced him into pact to watch the show together), but so far I am loving it. In the meantime, here is a ridiculous kitten parody I discovered.

  • Saturday

I went to an eye appointment, a yoga class, and then completely negated the yoga by eating pizza with my dad. That is all.

  • Sunday

Sunday I participated in a 10k trail run with my dad…in the rain. Rain had been predicted in the forecast, but wasn’t expected till late morning. We rolled up to the Rock Dallas XTERRA Trail Run and the clouds unleashed a fury of thunder and rain. Great. I had been pumped for this race for weeks, and now, the one day Texas decides to rain, is the same day I get to run like badass through the woods. Little did I know, trail runners don’t especially care about weather conditions. The race organizer announced that unless there was lightening, then the race would go on as planned. My dad and I decided to suck it up and head out anyways, and it resulted in this:

Trail run, or Woodstock '99?

Trail run, or Woodstock ’99?

Definitely a mess, but a fun mess for sure. It was definitely one of my most challenging runs, and I was not expecting as much hill work as I encountered. I’ll most likely be walking around like a newborn giraffe for the rest of the week, but oh well. Unfortunately most of the trail runs around here are either Ultras or a distance I’m not quite ready for, so unless I happen on 10k or less, I’ll just have to settle for my monthly road races. Or I could just to somewhere like Austin where the trail runs are all over there place? Oh and there are taco trucks everywhere. Incentive enough.


One thought on “Mud is The New Black

  1. megankh0502

    I watched all 13 episodes is 3 days. And I had about a million other things that I really should have been doing. Worth it.



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