Friday Finds

Happy Friday, party people! I hope you all are having a great day and are prepping for an exciting weekend! Tomorrow I have an eye appointment and then will be cleaning my bathroom. Turn down for what, am I right? Sunday morning I have a 10k trail run, which should be interesting because I haven’t run farther than five miles since my half marathon in March. This is my first serious trail run, well, serious in the sense that apparently there’s an “orientation” before the run, and it is straight up in the woods. If you don’t see a weekend recap post from me on Monday, then I’m probably lost in the woods crying.

My running misadventures aside, I did happen upon a few cool things this week, so let’s get this Friday Finds going.

  • Summer Hits of the 2000’s Pandora Station
This was my jam senior year of high school, y'all don't even KNOW.

This was my jam senior year of high school, y’all don’t even KNOW.

If you are like me, and the early to mid 2000’s were your middle school/high school years, then you will love this. Prepare yourself for flashbacks of Sun-In related shattered expectations, staying up late chatting on AIM, and reliving driving around with your friends because you were the last to get your license and you were passive aggressively taking this out on your parents every chance you got. As you can see above, Leavin’ by Jesse McCartney is one of the musical goldmines featured. That song, without fail, will always remind me of my best friend and I going to get Mexican food on Friday nights right before we graduated high school, and then I would take my leftovers to Jake if he was working at Main Event that night (never reaped the benefits of free laser tag btw). Both this song, the scent of J.Lo’s “Glow” perfume have the same effect on me, probably because they are very 2008 specific, and embarrassing to recount.

  • Seeing Old Friends
Ryan has a Best Dressed Lifetime Achievement Award in my heart.

Ryan has a Best Dressed Lifetime Achievement Award in my heart.

Speaking of high school nostalgia, Wednesday night was my high school band director’s retirement party, which also ended up being a mini high school reunion (band kids only, thank god). Mr. Leondar (or Mr. L to anyone who had him as a teacher), is probably one of the most fantastic human beings to exist, and after this week will be hanging his hat and retiring after over 30 years of teaching. It was amazing (but not surprising) to see the turnout for the event. People from all different graduating classes, parents, colleagues, and just Mr. L fans in general gathered for the event and wish an awesome dude off into retirement. Some people I haven’t seen since I graduated were there, and like any sort of reunion, is was both cool and awful. Cool because I got to see people like Ryan (as seen above), who is another A+ human, and my personal Joan Rivers, and awful because, well, it’s people you went to high school with. That being said, I really did have an awesome time, and honestly the reason for the occasion made it worth getting side eye from your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriends (Thanks for dating everyone in the world, Jake). Happy retirement, Mr. L!

  • Graze Box
Snack attack

I ate all of mine and forgot to take picture. 

Earlier last month I started my subscription to Graze Box, and I am offically hooked! Essentially, Graze Box, is a subscription box that you receive every two weeks. Each box contains four sample sized snacks based off of a flavor questionnaire you take before you start the subscription. I mentioned that I was a big enthusiast of snacks that were either salty, chocolatey, or fruit based. This week I received a sampler of dried apples + toffee, mini bread snacks (comparable to Chex Mix), dried fruits, and spicy pistachio nuts, all of which were delicious. I normally take one sample pack with me to work to tide me through up until lunch, and it does a great job. All of the snacks were healthy and low calorie, added bonus. Sorry for the lack of photos. Next round I promise I’ll actually take a photo before I inhale everything.

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