I Want to Go to There: Dumb Summer Bucket List Pt. III

Happy Wednesday everyone, or Happy National Running Day to all my fellow runners. I was hoping to go for a run after work today, but it’s already like a solid 96 degrees right now, so I might have to wait till a little later so I don’t celebrate the occasion by vomiting in someone’s front yard. Before the run, I’ll be attending my high school band director’s retirement party, which will involve me going back to my high school, so some vomiting may occur after all.

Continuing with the past couple of week’s themes, here are a few more Dumb Summer Bucket List activities I’ve stumbled upon. As always, some I would actually consider doing, and some I would rather just mock endlessly.

  • Paint Slip’n Slide
Everyone showed up thinking that girl had booze, that's why they all look so disappointed.

Everyone showed up thinking that girl had booze, that’s why they all look so disappointed.

This one is very similar to the Paint Twister option I mentioned last week, but it still looks awesome. I’m assuming that the tarp would need to slicked down with water before paint is added. I can already see someone forgetting this step and then coming in for landing, body slamming, and only getting one color on themselves, most likely red because they are bleeding. I also enjoy how the caption mentions that everyone should wear white clothes and one person listened, well except for the girl in the back in the cream colored top and black jeans, but her beanie seems to read “My mom forced me to come to this, and I hate everyone here” so I don’t think she will be participating.

  • Send a letter to a random address
What a great way to scare an absolute stranger.

What a great way to scare an absolute stranger.

I feel like whoever came up with this doesn’t really grasp all of the possible outcomes that could result in sending a stranger a letter.

  1. Said stranger is a murderer, and congratulations you left a return address.
  2. The recipient believes they just received mail from a deranged psychopath and contacts the authorities. Surprise, you left a return address and the cops show up at your door. Have fun explaining this one to mom and dad.
  3. Let’s pretend the stranger is me. I open and read the letter, begin to believe I am being watched and immediately change all of my passwords and eventually, identity.
  4. The stranger is anyone else in the world, and they are confused for about thirty seconds before discarding the letter in the trash.
  • Pull an all-nighter
This image is leading a lot of people to believe that all nighters are this spectacular.

This image is leading a lot of people to believe that all nighters are this spectacular.

Once upon a time, pulling an all-nighter was super fun and super easy for me. High school? No problem. I’m probably with friends and having a great time. College? MY FINAL IS IN TWO HOURS OH GOD. Now? Whoops fell asleep at 11:30. It kind of makes me sad that I can’t stay up as late as I used to. I remember when I was in middle school/high school. during the summers I would be up to 3 or 4 am watching tacky dating shows, or if friends were over, laughing until I couldn’t breathe. Once I got to college, normally all nighters for reserved for studying and even then I couldn’t really handle it.  Maybe I’ll try again this summer. Is Blind Date still on? I can stay up for that!

  • Go to a water park
Yo, and that roller coaster in the back too.

Yo, and that roller coaster in the back too.

Okay, I am definitely doing this one. There are two water parks where I live, and if you are from the DFW area, then you already know. Hurricane Harbor. I’ll be honest though I haven’t been since the one time in 6th grade when I got severely dehydrated (naturally, at a water park) and had a nosebleed in the wave pool, and they had to shut the waves off so I could make my way out. As if being 11 years old isn’t hard enough, let’s throw in bleeding profusely in front of strangers into the mix to really heighten that self-esteem. Anyways, I plan on drinking water this time and actually enjoying the experience. However, if I’m not feeling HH, the cheaper alternative is NRH20, which in my opinion, is way better. HH is like a major water metropolis, which at times can be overwhelming. NRH20 is smaller, but still has a lot of awesome rides, and major bonus, $20 cheaper. I recently ordered a new swim suit, so I’m hoping maybe next weekend we can hit up NRH20 and enjoy some Lazy River action.

That’s all for today, friends! I’m glad I was able to sneak in a post before the party and run tonight. Stick around for another 10 Day You Challenge tomorrow. I believe tomorrow is 7 wants? All I want right now is wings…

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