Friday Finds

It’s Friiiiiiiiday! I’d super celebrate, but I have a half day at work tomorrow because my job is like hell, but worse. Oh how I long for the day when I can work from home, not have to spend 1/4 of my day answering the phone and having strangers yell obscenities in my ear. Working in the mortgage industry is great, y’all. I’m already ruining this post with this negative squabble. Enough of my whining. I did have a pretty good week, and happened upon a few things, so how I about I share them with you?

  • Yoga with Adriene

I’ve been an off an on yoga fan since college, but recently hopped back in around five months ago, and have been absolutely loving it. However, since my schedule is changing all the time, I can’t always make it to class during the weekday. On Monday, since it was Memorial Day, my yoga studio had closed early, the gym had also closed early, and it was too humid outside to run (excuuuses, excuuuuses), I turned to good ol’ Youtube for some workout inspiration. I happened upon Adriene’s videos and was instantly hooked. Often times I find instructional yoga videos to be a little too hoaky and earthy (if that is even applicable) for me, and feel like at the end that are going to ask me where they can find some cruelty free vegan granola. I really like Adriene’s vibe because she seems super real and often cracks a joke or two during poses. I like that I can laugh during a spine twist. I’ve been doing her Bedtime yoga for the past few nights, and I honestly have noticed that my sleep quality has improved. So long Melatonin tablets, and hello Adriene!

  • Nerf Super Soaker
"What a great way to get out all of your frustrations on each other!" - Nerf

How to Deal With Your SO

On my half day Thursday, Jake and I made an impromptu decision to pick up a couple of Super Soakers while at Target, and it was the best decision we have ever made. We booked it home (actually no, Jake made a stop at Barnes & Noble because apparently it was absolutely imperative that he buy a Nook at that moment), loaded up the guns with (thanks to the hose being in direct sunlight all day) what felt like bath water, and them promptly began to shoot the sh*t out of each other, and what delight it was! I had forgotten how heavy the water guns were, so if you are looking for an upper body workout, and a reason to shoot your boyfriend without being charged for murder, I highly recommend the Super Soaker.

  • Game Night 


All week I have been trying to put together a 90’s (or 80’s depending on when you were playing this) Game Night for Jake and I. I have a canopy post bed, so I tucked a sheet under the top posts and made a canopy (my best fort interpretation), loaded season 5 of Boy Meets World on the laptop, and set out our games. Tonight we made it through two rounds of Candy Land (Jake:1 Mallory: 1), one round of Life (I won!), and some Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots (No one won thanks to shotty toy making). It actually ended up being awesome, and did not end in monumental failure like I thought it would, given they we are both irrationally competitive. Definitely a round two in the future, however Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots is not as fun as I remember. The robot head pops off after like two punches, and it also a lot of unnecessary stress on the wrists trying to maneuver them around the “ring”. I may have to try out more games from my childhood I haven’t played in years and see how they fare as an adult. Is Operation still the panic attack inducing nightmare it was when I was a child? We may find out on the next game night… Well I hope you all had a great week, and have exciting weekend plans! I’ll be at work, and most likely rounding the rest of my weekend some more Boy Meets World. I’m just going to let this 90’s fever roll through the next couple of days.

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