I Want to Go to There Wednesday: Dumb Summer Bucket List Pt. II

Hello again! I hope you all are having a lovely Wednesday. Mine started off well, since I was under the impression that there would be a pizza party at work today. I packed healthy snacks instead of a lunch (so I could feel a little less guilty about the pizza) and readily awaited the party meal once lunch came around. The pizza never came. Apparently the pizza guy got “lost” (aka probably too baked to operate a vehicle) and never made it. I am too angry to even discuss this any further. I ended up scrounging up a dollar and getting an apple cinnamon oatmeal from the vending machine and ate it like a defeated child. Oh what a day. The rest of the day was fine, but like anyone who has been promised pizza, and then let down like that surely knows my pain right now.

As I had mentioned last week, the next few IWTGTT posts will be “Dumb Summer Bucket List” themed. Here’s last week’s post for a resfresher. I consulted Pinterest once more for some bucket list ideas, some cute, some ridiculous. Let’s get to it.

  • Play spoons
"What a great way to get all of my dishes dirty for absolutely no reason." - Moms

“What a great way to get all of my dishes dirty for absolutely no reason.” – Moms

I don’t think I have played spoons since 1997, and to be honest I really don’t remember the rules. I remember scrambling to pick up a spoon and it ending in blunt force trauma to a 2nd graders lot of forearms and wrists, but I guess aggressive cutlery abuse is normal for most card games. I wish I was more well versed on card games like I was when I was as a child. Looking back, I remember playing a lot of Go Fish (which I mistakenly called “Gold Fish” for probably the first eleven years of my life), BS (or “Doubt It” if you were playing with boring people), and Solitaire (Thanks Windows 95!). Maybe this summer I’ll get back into it. I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume the only person willing to play with me will be my parents, which like every other attempt at card/board games in the past ends in mutiny and despair. Family time is the best time.

  • Put glow sticks in a pool and go swimming
The glow sticks would later get caught in the filter and cause a massive chemical explosion.

The glow sticks would later get caught in the filter and cause a massive chemical explosion.

This one is equal parts ridiculous/looks totally awesome to me. Ridiculous because:

  1. It is going to take FOREVER to get all of those glow sticks out.
  2. You know it’s going to end up being some poor kid’s dad fishing it out with a net the next morning.
  3. What if one of the glow sticks breaks? Will it react with the chlorine? Someone explain science to me.

buuuuuuut this does looks like a lot of fun. The only people I know with pools are Jake’s parents, and friends who have pools in the apartment complexes, and I doubt Jake’s parents, nor my friend’s landlords really want a bunch of party favors in their pool. Maybe I could buy a kiddie pool and make a really low budget interpretation of this? Challenge accepted.

  • Play messy Twister
"Right hand...red. Left foot..." *slips in paint and suffers a concussion*

“Right hand…red. Left foot…” *slips in paint and suffers a concussion*

I love this idea! I’ve actually come up with a doable way of playing this in my backyard. I believe there is a tarp somewhere in the garage I could (wash first, obvi) lay down, and then have a Twister mat on top, and play this on top of grass, and not destroy my parents lawn! I’m actually gonna hold myself to this one, and actually accomplish it by the end of this summer. I will however probably purchase a new Twister mat, because the one I have is at least 22 years old and should continued to be preserved like the ancient artifact that it is.

Okay, keeping it short today, you guys! I’m only going to do a few ideas at a time so I don’t exhaust the post theme within a few weeks. Hopefully I can get back on the 10 Day You Challenge again tomorrow, and then (of course) follow up on Friday. Have a great rest of the week!

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