I Want to Go to There: Summer Concerts.

Hello again! We have reached yet another Wednesday here on the blog, which mean it is time for another IWTGTTW! This edition will be a tad different. Granted, concerts are something you can still go to, it’s not like other posts where it’s a specific destination (well, except for my beach fantasy post). Jake and I were discussing upcoming concerts this summer, and there are ton I would like to see. I am going to leave a few concerts out though, those being Paul McCartney and Justin Timberlake, because I actually tried to get tickets when they went available for pre-sale, and failed. It hurts too much to talk about. Also, I am seeing Dave Matthews Band, Fall Out Boy, and Paramore this summer, so I’ll leave those out as well. Okay, let’s pretend we have money for all of these shows.

  • Jay-Z and Beyonce

This tour was recently announced, and I tickets go on sale this Friday (May 2). Jake and I have already agreed to both attempt to get tickets, and I am willing to enlist others (Dad) for help as well, because if there is any concert I need to see before I die, it’s this one. Beyonce came to Dallas last summer, and I believe Jay-Z was here last fall/winter, and I, being the moron who didn’t have their priorities in line, missed both. I can’t even imagine how magnificent this concert would be. Aside from hearing their solo work, being able to hear them perform ’03 Bonnie & Clyde would fulfill my 8th grade (and current…) dreams. While it may be asking too much, it would be great if they also could perform the song in the same wardrobe as the video. Personally, I think Burberry swimsuits, and track wear should be fashion staples once again. I have been trying to bring back breakaway pants for years with little to no success.

  • Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers
Otherwise known as "Banjo & Friends"

Otherwise known as “Banjo & Friends”

(If you aren’t familiar with Steve Martin’s banjo work, or his band, here is an adorable music video to get you acquainted.)

While Steve Martin has been comedy hero of mine for most of my life, I wasn’t really introduced to his serious banjo playing/band until much later. I must admit, he could recite the alphabet for two hours and I would probably pay to see it live, it would be awesome to see him perform a talent that equally rivals his comedy. The tickets to the Dallas show have already sold out so my life is terrible, however he will be passing through Austin, and I miiiiight be considering driving down there for it, but it’s on Tuesday, and I have to watch my vacation days like a hawk. Oh grown-up job, you ruin everything.

  • New Edition


Okay, HERE ME OUT. I realize that it isn’t 1987 anymore, and those falsetto voices have been gone for a solid twenty years, but god do I want to hear Cool It Now live. In fact, I would pay just to hear it, and then gladly leave. I’d pay even more if Bobby Brown agreed to perform “My Prerogative”, and THEN leave. That aside, you know the audience would be fun as hell. Thirty and forty somethings looking to get down to some 80’s teen hip hop and r&b? That is literally my Craigslist personal ad. Kidding. But really. I can already see myself awkwardly dancing, not knowing what to do with my arms, next to a group of moms throwing their hotel keys at Ronnie DeVoe. I once saw New Kids on The Block and was seated next to a 45 year old woman who sobbed during a Jordan Knight solo, so I’m already familiar with this kind of level of uncomfortable when it comes to seeing outdated boy bands. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to send out an actual Craiglists personal ad for someone to attend this with me, because lord knows I don’t know anyone cool willing to deal with me enough to see this.

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