Friday Finds

Ah, it’s finally Friday! I never thought I would make it! Well, I figured I would make it, but I had the kind of week where each morning on my way to work I briefly considered just driving to Mexico and starting a new life as a pygmy goat farmer. I don’t even know if pygmy goat farms are really even a booming business (or even just a business for that matter) in Mexico, but basically in short this week has been


Sing it to me, Jean Ralphio. For anyone not familiar, the gif above is from Parks & Recreation. The season finale aired last night, and I of course missed it because my schedule at work changed AGAIN. Oh, and apparently it was announced today that next season most likely be it’s last! I can’t handle any more TV related upsets, you guys, but I’ll put my emotional grievances aside, and move on to something more positive. How about I round up some cool stuff, review it, and then slap a name on it? Friday Finds? Great. Let’s get started.

  • Chrisley Knows Best
Alex,  what is 'Airbrushing'?

Alex, what is… ‘Airbrushing’?

First and foremost, I do hate myself for loving this show. Really, I do. Normally family centered reality shows bore me to death, and I immediately jump channels to Bravo so I can watch some 40 year old Madam Tussaud’s creation throw a glass of wine into her friend’s face, but not this time. The show is centered on some millionaire I have never heard of, Todd Chrisley, and his Flowers in The Attic-esque family. I only say this because they are all blonde and no one ever seems to leave the house. The show mainly features Todd’s Georgia accent, and one of the kid’s getting grounded for being a moron, and I love it. I will say his kids drive me insane, but Todd is super straight up about how annoyingly privileged his kids are, and how they literally aren’t allowed to do anything. I semi identify with this, because while I did not grow up wealthy, I was not allowed to go out and do fun things with my friends while in high school. Seriously. I wasn’t allowed to ride with a friend in their car until the second semester of my senior year. If anything took place on a school night I was not a part of it. And I’m sure if I had been invited to a party that would have been a no too, but I digress. This show is ridiculous and I doubt there will be a season two, so enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Wonderword


First things first, I LOVE me some word puzzles. Crossword? On it. Scrabble? Sign me up. Word searches? THE ANSWER IS CLEARLY YES. Now, let me introduce you to Wonderword, or actually, let Wikipedia do it.

Wonderword appears in a grid format either in a 15X15 or a 20X20 size. The amount of words provided in the lists varies per puzzle. It is recommended that the word list be read first before commencing the puzzle. The words in the list are found in all directions in the grid: vertically, horizontally, diagonally and backward. Circle each letter of the word and strike the word off the list. Circling the letters is recommended in order to be able to single out the letters remaining in the puzzle. Also the letters are often used more than once so it is best not to cross them out. When all the words listed are found there are a number of letters left over that spell out the WONDERWORD.

So basically, it’s word search with leftover letters at the end that spell out another word that has to do with theme, and it is a treat, y’all. I remember my sister used to do them when I was younger, and when I was in high school (and cue why I wasn’t invited to parties in 3…2…1…) I used to cut them out of the paper and bring them to school and work on them throughout the day. Earlier this week I thought it would be a great hobby to reintroduce to my life since I hate my job and have a lot of time to kill while I’m there. Sadly, this really only takes up about 20-30 minutes of my day, but at least I had a half hour of work that wasn’t me just staring at wall! If it isn’t featured in your newspaper, you can print out an archive of puzzles here and go to town.

  • Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
She gone.

She gone.

I started this book earlier this week, and I am obsessssed. So much so that I am trailing my words. I’m only halfway through, but I am hoping to complete it this weekend. The movie adaptation is coming out later this year, and the trailer looks really promising.

I’ll let the trailer serve as sort-of summation of the book, because seeing as how i haven’t finished it yet I don’t like I merit the task of recapping the story, but if I had to give it my best “Ugh, well basically it’s about…” review, it would be the dynamics of a failing marriage, a kidnapping, secrets, and (to me at least) and uncomfortably close brother/sister relationship. Either way, read it, because I’m ending this post here just so I can get back to it. Well, that’s it for this week’s Friday Finds! I hope you all have a good weekend! Tomorrow morning I am doing a 5 mile trail race, and then going to see my friend Natalie do improv in Dallas! Yay plans!

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