Friday Finds

Happy Friday everyone! The work week is over (unless you have to work this weekend, in which case, my thoughts are with you), and it is time to recap some cool stuff I happened upon this week! I hope you enjoyed last week’s “book report”. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I’m thinking of getting back into the BCS series for more reports…and also because I shamelessly love them. I have a bunch of other books in my “to be read” queue, so it may be awhile, but I’m tempted to put the Divergent series on the back burner and get some side ponytail tips from Claudia. We’ll see.

  • Snappy Salads
Get out of my dreams, and into my MOUTH.

Get out of my dreams, and into my MOUTH.

After work today, my dad and I headed out to dinner (mom had already eaten) and I was introduced to the sweet majesty that is Snappy Salads. Normally I’m a little hesitant with salad joints. Salad bars are pretty boring to me, and the idea of eating a whole salad as a meal just never appealed to me, that is, until I met the Grilled Avocado salad at Snappy Salads. I wish I had caught the name of the dressing they had used, but you guys, it was life changing. The best way I could describe it is a spicy, peppery, and ranch-like. Whatever it was, it was like getting kicked in the mouth, but in a good way (you’ve had a pleasant round house kick to the jaw before, right?). My dad ordered a Santa Fe salad, which I sampled, and it was wonderfully delicious as well! The atmosphere of the restaurant is delightfully hipster. The menus are written on large chalkboards, with Arcade Fire reminding you that “IT’S JUST A REFLECTOR” in the background, and wooden tables and stools for dining. The only downside was being behind a teenage girl in line who spent a solid five minutes trying to decide what kind of lettuce she would like in her salad. While the lettuce options were clearly displayed in front of her, she expressed a fair amount of concern as to the differences between the lettuce. I do not understand today’s youth. Either way, check this place out, and just shove hip teens out of your way if they are taking too much time picking out a menu option.

  • This month’s Stridebox
Step one, cut a hole in the box. Step two, put yo electrolyte mix in the box.

Step one, cut a hole in the box. Step two, put yo electrolyte mix in the box.

Opening my Stidebox is probably my favorite part of the month (I lead a very simple life), and this month was definitely a pleaser! Equipped with the usuals; energy chews, protein bars, and performance drink mixes, this box also featured something really cool! A fanny pack belt! Now, to a normal person, this may sound incredibly sad, but to a runner, it’s quite the prize. The belt is split into sections, with a few zipped pouches, perfect for holding energy chews, chap stick, and whatever else I may need for a long run! Needless to say, with that addition, I was quite impressed with this month’s box.

  • National Sibling Day
Little known fact: I was actually Andrew from Family Ties from 1993-1995.

Little known fact: I was actually Andrew from Family Ties from 1993-1995.

In case you weren’t on Facebook or Instagram at all this week, yesterday was National Sibling Day. While most people opted for sweet, and updated photos of themselves and their sibling, I went for youthful and painfully tragic. While I appreciate my sister everyday, yesterday seemed like a prime opportunity to express thanks for our once poor choices in fashion, hair, and in my case, face. My sister’s husband often describes her younger days as an “obvious member of a book club”, while I showed the bottom left photo to Jake and he couldn’t make eye contact with me for at least five minutes afterwards. I do find however the top photo describes a lot of issues I’ve dealt with since childhood, namely, trouble listening, and unable to maintain bangs. In regards to Megan, if I may quote my most favorite thing she has ever said, “When I was kid I used to wonder what I would look like when I grew up, and I look exactly the same.” With the exception of the glasses, braces, and mid 90’s Old Navy wardrobe, she is one of those people you look at childhood photos and go “Oh, this is obviously you.” Whereas people look at my photos and ask if this is a backwoods cousin of mine. I hope someday I encounter a contest for most unfortunate childhood/family photos, because I feel like my sister and I would walk away champions.

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