Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: True Detective

Happy Sunday, friends! I had the pleasure of working a half day today because my job is the manifestation of every nightmare I have ever had. Okay, maybe a little dramatic, but I think we can all agree that coming in on the weekend is kind of the worst. Thankfully though it was absolutely beautiful out, so once I got home I went out for a short run, and then took my dog for a two and a half mile walk. Afterwards I opened up my laptop, logged into HBOGO, and awoke the TV show binge watching beast that was ever so present during college and my subsequent post college employment search. In the past I have marathoned the likes of Breaking Bad (still reeling), House of Cards, and at least twice a year, The Office (my ride or die, of TV shows if you will). However, this go around I stumbled on the McConaughey-Harrelson, life ruining, yet somehow also life affirming cop drama, True Detective.

A sinewy McConaughey, and my all time favorite bar tender, Harrelson. What more could I possibly want?

A sinewy McConaughey, and my all time favorite bartender, Harrelson. What more could I possibly want?

Set in what appears to be the worst part of every town I’ve ever seen, Louisiana, McConaughey and Woody Harrelson’s characters, Rust and Marty, respectively, are paired together and assigned to solve a super weird, ultra creepy, “ugh looks like I’m sleeping with the lights on tonight!” kind of murder. The show bounces back between the case, set in the mid 1990s, and today, where both men are being interviewed about the murder in present day. I realize that me trying to explain the concept of this show is about as coherent as Jacqueline Bisset’s Golden Globes acceptance speech, but just run with me on this one.

Now I’ve always been one for crime and drama. Put them together and I am all over it, my friends, Law & Order: SVU? I often recite the opening “In the criminal justice system…” bit much to the disdain of my friends and family. Actual crime dramas? I’m right outside that courthouse with you, HLN. Needless to say, I am prone to nightmares and quick to assume every stranger is a threat. That being said, this show has everything.


Religious cults. Flashbacks. A present day McConaughey with a handlebar mustache. Extra marital affairs. Woody Harrelson with a full head of hair. Music so scary you might just put the show on mute for awhile. It has it all, really. So if you have HBO, I strongly recommend you check this show out. If you don’t, be like me and use your boyfriend’s account. Don’t have boyfriend? Borrow mine! Just kidding please don’t.

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