Friday Finds

Hello there, and welcome to another (and thankfully timely) edition of Friday Finds! This week is going to be a little geared towards some running goodies I snagged at my Rock n Roll expo and race day!

  • My Half Marathon Finisher’s Medal!
You're the best...arooound!

You’re the best…arooound!

Meet my new favorite necklace! This bad boy was handed me to upon crossing the finishing line this past Sunday, and I am quite proud of it! I currently have it hanging against the white board on my wall next to a couple of 5k medals. It’s either surprisingly heavy, or my upper body atrophied while preparing for the race.

  • Joshua Tree Healing Salve
Not manufactured by U2.

Not manufactured by U2.

I have actually been a fan of this stuff for quite some time! I received a small sample from this company in my Stridebox around November last month and have been using it ever since. I’ve found it’s actually a great multi purpose product. I use it primarily after getting out the shower and applying it to my feet as a means to prevent blisters, whilst keeping my hard earned running calluses. I also sometimes use it as a lip balm, and whenever my dumb cat scratches me, after cleaning the wound I’ll apply this stuff to help the cut (no results yet on healing the emotional wound). If you check out their website you’ll find they have several salves for different purposes. I recently gifted Jake, an avid bike rider, the salve for cyclists. Apparently the “bike balm” is good at preventing road rash, and for men, well, it uh…it helps if applied to certain areas before riding. I believe there is also a balm for gymnasts, hikers, water sports enthusiasts, hikers, paddlers, and even pets!

  • Sweaty Bands
Sweaty bands, for sweaty people.

Sweaty bands, for stylish sweaty people.

Cue the chorus of angels, I have found my miracle. Now cue the sad violins, because here is the story of my struggle with headbands. For most of my life I have struggled with headbands. The fashionable kinds? Instant headache. Workout headbands? Slipping off my head by mile two. I can’t win. But then, oh but then, I came across the Sweaty Bands vendor at my race expo this past Saturday. I had read about these headbands on a few blogs, and definitely thought they were cute, but could never justify the price ($16 to $18). However, I had a bit of a Treat Yo Self binge at the expo, and bought myself a couple of headbands, a cute chevron pattern, and one to reflect the badassery of having completing a half marathon. I tried the 13.1 headband out on Monday, and loved it. No headaches, no issues with slipping off my head. It was magical. While yes, the prices are a little steep for what is simply just elastic, I promise these are worth it, and if you happen to be my sister reading this, don’t be surprised if you see one in your near future =)

One thought on “Friday Finds

  1. megankh0502m

    LOL, I was so about to command T myself to a new screen to purchase one before I read the last sentence. 😉 I think we have “weird shaped head” genes because I can’t ever keep one on my head for more than a few minutes. It’s super annoying. So excited to try one in the near future!



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