I Want to Go to There Wednesday – Portland, OR.

Hello! Sorry about the absent Friday Finds post! I’ve spent the past five days getting ready, and then recovering from my half marathon this past Sunday! I’m hoping to do a super post on that tomorrow, and then continue with Friday Finds as usual!

For this IWTGTHW (Acronym. I didn’t punch the keyboard), I originally planned on doing another European destination, but then after browsing through Pinterest I stumbled upon a few photos of some places of Portland and decided to hell with it and to obsessively gush over an American city. While yes, I did just recently go on a trip to California, I have yet to go North West (No, not the blessed contribution of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian). So I’m still pretty interested to see the land that spawned my favorite love child (sorry North) between Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, “Portlandia.”  To anyone in the Portland area who may offended that I may automatically assume that everything on Portlandia is true to life, I apologize. I know all to well about city/state stereotypes. The amount of times I’ve had to tell someone that no, I do not ride a horse as a means of transportation, or used the “I have a public school education from Texas” card after saying something painfully stupid is far too much. However, I do hope there is feminist bookstore I can visit and then ultimately be accosted by two women who will berate me for the duration of my stay. And with that, put on your flannel, and your thick rimmed glasses (that I know you don’t have a prescription for), because we are heading to Portland today!


Portland, where you can shop tax free and (I assume) constantly reassure tourists that you are in fact different from Seattle. Strangely enough, what initially attracted me to Portland was reading about their abundance of super cool running trails. Example being the Leif Erickson Trail. First of all, awesome name Second of all, look at it!

Every shade of Crayola green.

Every shade of Crayola green.

To anyone who lives amongst this kind of beautiful greenery and trees, let me illustrate what I get to run around every weekend.

parr park

So yes, the idea of running amongst lush forestry, not to be bothered with the trappings of bored suburban teens looking to smoke their dad’s secret pack of menthols, or stepping in Yorkshire Terrier poop every 3-4 steps, does sound quite ideal.

Completely negating the purpose of running in the first place, I’d love to check out Voodoo Donuts. I first saw this place on a Food Network show once and instantly fell in love. Aside from it being donuts (obvious reason to go), they also inhabit a unique little cafe/shop that pairs perfectly with their quirky flavors and donut designs. A Miami Vice themed donut? A donut covered in Cap’n Crunch? A donut that looks like this:



This place sounds truly magical and I would be delighted to eat my feelings there, whilst shamelessly instragramming everything that I ate.

Lastly, I’d also like to check out the Portland’s Farmer Market (to pick up the necessary amount of kale needed to clean out of the donuts I ate earlier).

Gwyneth Paltrow's refrigerator contents

Gwyneth Paltrow’s refrigerator contents

I’d like to imagine all of vendor’s to be like the one’s from Beauty & The Beast and everyone would lovingly offer me free fruit and vegetables to sample. However, if it’s like anywhere else, it’s probably like $6 for a strawberry, accompanied by pompous dude-bro barking at me that if I touch it I buy it. Oh well. If all else fails I’ll just make Jake reenact the the reunion scene from Elizabethtown. I have a red knit beanie somewhere…

Well, thanks for joining me on another pretend trip to somewhere I’ve never been before! Hopefully you enjoy these as much as do, and let’s all cross our fingers and hope I get rich in a pyramid scheme and make enough money to eventually travel to these places one day!

2 thoughts on “I Want to Go to There Wednesday – Portland, OR.

  1. megankh0502

    Jake and I have been talking about going to Portland for the longest time! We might try to go this fall. You are welcome to come with us if we go. I really want a donut now.


  2. joody

    You definitely should visit Portland! I just got back from my trip and have blogged about some of the places. (www.joodyjoods.com) We went up to Oregon’s Wine Country, a pretty quick drive, and went wine tasting. It was so relaxing to be out in the nature and surrounded by so many amazing restaurants. Hope you decide to go!



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