I Want to Go to There Wednesday – Paxos

Guys. Guys, look. I’m posting a themed post on the day it’s actually allotted for. This is groundbreaking. I committed to something. Jokes on you, people I pretend who keep up with this blog on a regular basis. I actually completed a task! I will continue laughing on in silence now.

Painfully lonely blogging aside, welcome back to I Want to Go There Wednesday, where I discuss places I’d like to travel to, and ultimately end up sobbing to the music of Keane because my post grad job and post grad finances seemed to have form an alliance and keep me from doing absolutely anything cool. If you’d like, think of me as like your personal Rick Steves. Your really sad, poor, and slightly less pedantic version of Rick Steves. Today we will venture to Paxos, Greece, a place I discovered on the travel section of Pinterest. I’m not sure if the brightness and contrast were super screwed with on these photos, or if it’s actually this beautiful, but let’s gawk at it anyways.


House on Haunted Hill jk


This physically hurts me.

This place appears to be so beautiful that it almost borders on rude. Because I don’t care enough to go to a library, or tap into any of the research skills I learned it college, I simply typed in “Paxos” in Google and learned the following:

Paxi or Paxoi is the smallest group of Ionian Islands. In Greek it is a plural form. The largest islands are Paxos and nearby Antipaxos. Antipaxos is famous for its wine and two of the finest sand beaches in the Ionian Sea.

Even though it was halfway through the passage, you had me at wine. I attempted to visit the official tourist website for the island, but appears to be stuck in what I’d like to “My n*SYNC Geocities fan page circa 1997” theme.

"When you try your best but you don't succeed..." -Coldplay

No. No you didn’t, Paxos.

I know the economy is getting hit pretty hard over there (Get in line, ammirite?) but come on, Greece. Anyways, I putzed around a few other sites and learned that it’s relatively chill location. Not chill in the sense that Jack Johnson plays over the loudspeakers, and a local teen will challenge you to a game of hacky sack, but it’s described as being very relaxing, with friendly locals.  Which is great, because the last thing I need is to be in a country where I lazily chose not to learn a word of their language, and being around people angry at me for doing so. I’m kidding. I’ll at least learn a few greetings and maybe a “Where can I get drunk for cheap?” We’ll see though.

While looking up things to do while Paxos, I learned that they are recognized for having exceptionally beautiful walking trails, often along the beach or through the hills, which bodes well for anyone looking to put on a Mediterranean rendition of The Sound of Music. Or I guess you could be like these dumbos I found on Pinterest and cross an arch

Several engagements could go horribly awry here I imagine.

Several engagements could go horribly awry here, I imagine.

It does look pretty cool though. I’d walk it and risk the panic attack. If I went with Jake I’d probably lie and tell him I don’t have life insurance, so don’t even think about it, and then go.

Well, that’s all for this week’s portion of IWTGTTW (wow, not even worth the acronym). Tune in next week for another adventure to be determined!

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