Friday Finds

Womp womp womp – I’m posting late again. Two excuses this time, though!

  1. Last night my stomach seemed (once more) to be attempting another revolt, so I went to bed early, comfortably in the fetal position whilst making “Mlorrrrphhh” and “Arhrhrrhhhghhh” noises.
  2. I had the Dash Down Greenville 5k this morning, so I couldn’t wake up early to try sneak a post in before it hit late in the day.

Excuses aside, let’s get into some Friday Finds!

  • Julia Sheer


Jake referred me to her when he discovered her cover of Little Talks by Of Monsters & Men. It then spiraled from there and I ended purchasing like a solid ten songs, all of which are covers. I’ve mostly been listening to her cover of I Want It That Way by the only group that matters, the Backstreet Boys. It’s so good I can’t even deal with it. I forwarded the song along to my sister and she fell in love with it too. If you like Top 40 Radio, and you like things that are good, then I think you’ll like Julia Sheer. (Here’s a link to her iTunes if you’re interested)

  • Midnight in Paris

midnight in paris top post-thumb-600x400-53668

I have literally been meaning to see this movie since it came out, but much like my other goals, it went by the wayside and I probably just ended up watching The Office on Netflix again. When I was home sick on Monday, I thought “Why the hell not?” and purchased the movie on iTunes (living life on the edge, y’all). Pervy Woody Allen controversy side (forever Team Farrow), this film was outstanding. Owen Wilson plays a charming writer churning out uninspired Hollywood scripts, with expat dreams of being a serious novelist in Paris, much to the disdain of his high strung and micro-managing fiancee, played by Rachel McAdams (one of my pretend bffs). Wilson and McAdams are in Paris accompanying her father on a business trip when Wilson unintentionally discovers a portal into the 1920’s. From there he begins to rub elbows with the literary and artistic greats of the time: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, and Salvador Dali, just to name a few. I feel like I should have consulted Jake so I could this opportunity to throw in some fancy film words here, but what I can say that everything about it was wonderful. It also desperately makes me want to go to Paris, but let’s save that for another I Want to Go to There Wednesday.

  • Afar Magazine



I came across this magazine last week while I was in Barnes & Noble and almost immediately tore out the postage card and subscribed. Complete with travel articles from all over the world, Afar also has some incredible photography. Everything from packing tips, where to eat, best places for children (ugh, have fun with that, parents), and hole-in-the-wall places normal tour books/brochures wouldn’t show you is covered. This issue had a cute little blurb on best restaurants in Paris (all signs point to me going to Paris right now, you guys), and a big feature on what Scotland has to offer. Needless say, if you are travel junkie (or a pretend one like me), you will very much enjoy this magazine!

That’s it for this edition of Friday Finds! Join me next week when I will cover, facial brushes, steak, and anything else I may happen upon within the next six days!


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