I Want to Go to There Wednesday

Hello, and welcome to my first installment of I Want to Go to There Wednesday. As a fan of not really trying too hard with alliteration, reflecting on my own misfortunes, and 30 Rock quotes, I thought this would nice touch for a Wednesday post. I am also hoping this will give me motivation to make sure I write every Wednesday, but if this ends up anything like my attempt to go gluten free, welcome to the first last Wednesday post.

I thought I’d start off this theme with something just pretty simple, nowhere specific quite just yet. So let’s just go with traveling in general. While I have seen some pretty cool stuff across the U.S, I have still managed to not cross a pond, border, or venture into another country. I’d blame my parents, but if you met me as child, you probably wouldn’t travel with me either. Actually, you probably wouldn’t even travel with me now. I’m like a gremlin, only more high maintenance. Maybe some culture is what I need. I mean, I’m not high maintenance in the sense where I can only wash my face with Evian water (Cameron Diaz), I just need to be fed every couple of hours, or else I turn into this:

Age 7. Hungry and ruining a perfectly good trip for everyone involved.

Age 7. Hungry and ruining a perfectly good trip for everyone involved.

Please note the “over it” expression. So yeah, just feed me and I’ll be fine. Now back to why my financial situation is crushing my hopes and dreams (I’m looking at you student loans).

Much like everything else, Pinterest fuels my desire to buy or do cool things, but if anything it just makes me want to travel. If you’ve ever perused the “Travel” tab on Pinterest, you know what I’m talking about. High contrast fancy photos of beaches in Bali, lush lavender gardens in France, and the white and blue backdrop of Santorini. There are photos from all over the world, and some of them just slay me. I mean seriously.



I just…I just can’t. I really won’t even entertain the thought of seeing how much it would take me to get to any of these places. However, I’ll see a facebook friend from time to time post pictures of their European adventures and I just want to PM them and force them to tell me which sugar daddy dating profile site they are using so I can see how about affording such a trip. I know someday I’ll eventually get to see cool places, but when you are stuck in a boring metroplex, with a job that kind of makes you feel like Larry David’s face at a basketball game, some things just seem so far away and unattainable. Oh optimism, I’ll try to put this as eloquently as possible, but where you at?

Oh that took a turn for the sad and weird. I’m sorry, guys. Clearly it’s time for me to eat something. Anyways, join me next Wednesday for an actual location we can all gawk at and pretend we can afford together!

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