2 Seasons, 1 Weekend.

Happy Oscar’s Day! The Academy Awards are on tonight, and I am super ready to roll my eyes at overly sentimental speeches (all eyes on you, Hathaway), ultimately being forced to go watch the show in another room due to my father’s raucous snoring that will begin to roll in around 9:30 pm, and silently weep during the In Memoriam portion (I’ll be pouring one out for Harold Ramis and Phillip Seymour Hoffman tonight). I actually am super into awards season. In 2004 I got all but one wrong on my Oscar ballot (courtesy of an Entertainment Weekly pullout). Since then I have yet to match the success I reached at fourteen years old, but Jake and I made a solid effort to see most of the nominated films this year, so I’m fully informed and confident in my decisions. If only I put so much effort into political elections. I’m hoping to post an Oscar recap tomorrow or sometime this week with help from my friend J.D, so be on the lookout for that. Now onto a weekend recap.

So it was a lovely 85 degrees yesterday, so you could imagine my horror when this was the fresh hell I woke up to this morning:

White stuff courtesy of Wolf of Wall Street props dept.

White stuff courtesy of Wolf of Wall Street props dept.

Just yesterday I was wearing shorts and eating outside on the patio! I’m over it. I am one hundred percent over it. I am ready to wear sandals, drink margaritas (not that winter really stops me, but you know), and to not be a repeat outfit offender at work because I’ve already exhausted all the outfit options from my winter wardrobe. Oh well. Apparently it’s supposed to be “nice” this coming weekend, but Texas weather is about as reliable as me making plans with friends, so I’m not really counting on it.

In the 48 hours I had of sunshine and shorts weather, I managed to quite a bit. While on my California trip, my red Toms shoes finally bit the dust and ripped heel portion, so I went bought myself a new pair

If you click your heels three times you have the unfortunate pleasure of ending up in Kansas.

If you click your heels three times you have the unfortunate pleasure of ending up in Kansas.

Good thing this winter seems to be here for the rest of year so I can wear these absolutely never. Afterwards we ended up in Barnes in Noble, when, for literally no reason at all, I purchased this


I literally have no rhyme or reason for this. I mean, yes I played with Legos as a child (and stepped on them), but never to the degree where I wanted to actually build something. Like most of my creative endeavors, I start out strong, become bored, and then abandon it entirely (also the same reason I’ll probably never be a parent). However, I was quite determined to put this together. Once we got back to his place, Jake and I set up a space and got to work. Five minutes in he took over completely and put together the entire damn needle himself. I’m not going to say that he almost compromised our relationship by doing this, but I’m not going to not say that he didn’t. He tried to placate the situation with, “You can take it apart and put it together yourself!”, but by that point I had already set the Lego structure ablaze and broken up with him. Just kidding. He did offer to put together a new set with me, but we were instantly turned off by the $35 price for an Eiffel Tower set. And just like that, my lego phase was over. All in all, successful day.

Have fun watching the Oscars tonight! Let’s all collectively cross our fingers and hope it isn’t a total snooze fest.


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