West Coast Best Coast – Pt. I

I’m home! After six sunny days in California, I am back in…well, sunny Texas. I had a fantastic time visiting my sister, brother-in-law, and niece puppy, Zulu, and exploring a nice little portion of northern California! I learned a lot about my sister’s job (professional wino), hiked up a mountain (fun and exciting), drove down a mountain (nauseating and not as enticing James Bond chase sequences made it out to be), learned how wine is made (almost, almost as exciting as drinking it), and I rode in first class for the first time in my life (no celeb sightings; not worth it). Since so much happened, I figured I’d break up the trip into a few posts. Let’s consider this first half, the “Outdoor” portion of the trip.

The only “outdoor” thing I do besides running, would probably be walking from my car to an indoor establishment, so suffice to say, I have little zero wilderness skills. Thankfully, the hiking I did upon arriving to my sister and her’s husband’s house was simple enough to complement the limited knowledge I had on navigating my way through forests and dirt paths. However, what I lack in knowledge, I make up for with an enthusiasm to try new things, and an over confident attitude that says “My lungs have yet to adjust to this altitude, but yes, let’s walk further up this mountain.” Heavy breathing and shriveling lungs aside, my first real hike was a lot of fun. Poorly clad in jeans and borrowed tennis shoes from my sister, I managed to see wild turkeys (painfully annoying and unfortunate looking beasts), wild cat droppings (everybody poops), and amazing some views.



The second day my sister and I hiked the same mountain, but went a lot bit farther up. Tapping into our inner Jack London, we settled upon a plank of wood in which we decided to carve our identities for the world to forever cherish.

Toph & Miltay

Toph & Miltay

If you really want to leave your mark on this world, I suggest poorly carving your childhood nicknames onto a bench featuring the names of unknown couples, and hikers with equally poor hand dexterity.

The next morning I went on a run with my sister. I must say, running with mountains and trees in the background sure beats running alongside the garbage aroma filled park that I have come to know and love settle for. In total we ran about four miles. I spent the first mile breathing as if my only way to obtain oxygen was through a Capri Sun straw. I guess I’m either completely incapable of adjusting to a higher elevation, or I am, as I have always predicted, weak.

Well, that’s it for the “Outdoor” portion of the trip. Join me tomorrow when I discuss my sister’s house warming party, Salvation Army treasures, and why my dad is no longer invited to family functions!

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