Zoo Enthusiasts

Whoops! I had the intentions of making this a daily blog, but I’m guessing I may have to reconsider that, given that I didn’t have the time yesterday. Yesterday was a tad on the hectic side. I woke up, went to my yoga class, went to CVS, booked it home to shower, get ready, eat breakfast, and tidy up a few things before work. I had originally planned on posting something before I went to bed last night, but by the time I got home I was 100% not about that life. These 1-11 pm shifts are how you do say, the worst? Yes, the worst. Thankfully, my schedule is set to change to a more “normal” 8-5 next month, but I’m also in the works of revamping my resume and begin the oh-so-fun job hunt again, but more on that later.

I had Monday off for President’s Day, so Jake and I decided to continue our unintentional animal adventure weekend with a trip to the Dallas Zoo! Neither of us had ever been to the Dallas Zoo, and honestly, as long as it had elephants, I didn’t really care which zoo we went to (the other option being the most popular zoo in the area, Fort Worth Zoo, and if you looking to gawk at domestic animals, my house).






I realize due to the fact that the terrain in these photos all appear to be the same, that it looks like these animals all inhabit in the same exhibit together, but I promise they each had their own area of the zoo. Though, I would like to see elephants and kangaroos coexist together. That seems like a solid premise for a children’s book.


Jake managed to get this one of me looking less than friendly, but I promise my stern expression is just a result of wearing the wrong shoes and being surrounded by a thousand screaming children. I don’t know if it was “Bring Your Awful Child to The Zoo” Day, but there were hoards of children screaming, throwing fits, and running around unattended everywhere. Anytime I see a child misbehaving I just have flashbacks to my childhood of me throwing a fit and my mom throwing her hands in the air and proclaiming “OKAY WELL WE’RE LEAVING” and then immediately packing me up and going home. Had any of the parents at the zoo done this there probably would have been six or so adult guests left in attendance, but oh well.

After the zoo Jake and I headed into the West End (ritzy, hipster side of Dallas) for lunch.



Jake spent most of lunch taking pictures of an unattended dog, but other than that we had a nice time. He ordered a burger that had champagne in it, so that was both weird and memorable. Afterwards we went to Paciugo, which if you aren’t familiar, serves gelato that will make you completely rethink your life. Once we were done having an experience there, we headed home, and I proceeded to knock out the rest of season two of House of Cards. I desperately want to talk about it, but I don’t think my sister has finished it yet and I don’t want to spoil it for her. I will say though that I did predict the finale (with a few exceptions), but overall I was quite impressed, and I am very much looking forward to binge watching season three once it is available. Kevin Spacey has once again ruined my life with a perfect performance, and Robin Wright is Beyonce level fierce as always. If you haven’t started House of Cards yet, I please urge you to quit your job and to make all the time in the world for this show. I’ve never really leaned towards political drama oriented TV shows, or even politics in general for that matter, but this show you will slap you in the face and make you interested in words like “bipartisan” or “whip”. I’m like 95% certain I had these words on a high school government vocab test, but like everything else I learned in high school, I have zero recollection and I still don’t care, but had I known that years later I would lose myself to a Netflix original series starring Princess Buttercup and Keyser Söze taking over Washington D.C, I’m sure I would have taken better notes. Actually probably not, I remember that being the class where our teacher made us watch his Survivor audition tape, and Ratatouille in the same week. Texas public school system at work, y’all.


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