Things I’m Looking Forward To

Happy President’s Day! I hope you are all celebrating accordingly, by which I mean you are getting a paid holiday. I do kind of wish President’s Day was a “celebration” holiday. If it was I would celebrate Andrew Jackson style and get rip roaring drunk and challenge everyone I made eye contact with to a duel, but who am I kidding? I don’t need President’s Day for that.

I thought I would change up the daily recap format for a bit and have this post focus on something else. I’m in the early stages of this blog, so why not experiment a little? Maybe this will be a reoccurring post? Maybe it will a monumental failure and we will never speak of it again? Who knows! Anyways, on to the things I am looking forward to!

  • Jimmy Fallon taking over as the host of The Tonight Show.










It hasn’t been mentioned here before, but if there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I am a huge SNL/Tonight Show/Late Night/”if it’s NBC and it involves comedy” fan. That being said, I have been a fan of Jimmy Fallon since he first appeared on SNL in 1998. From his Weekend Update days, to Fever Pitch (I liked it, okay!), to his reign as host of Late Night (Conan drama aside, but that wasn’t fault). While I’ve been a fan of all his work, if there is anything has truly stood out to me, it would be his time at Late Night. There have been very few instances where I looked at someone’s career and have said to myself, “Wow, they were born for this.” Not to say that he did excel at his time at SNL, but I feel as if Jimmy Fallon embodies everything that a variety show host should: charming, engaging, and above all us, prioritizes that everyone featured on the show, audience included, is having a great time. I am excited to see how he’ll treat The Tonight Show. I’m sure it won’t differ much from what he was doing at Late Night, but let’s all cross our fingers that Thank You Notes will still continue to be a Friday night staple.

  • The sun.


Guys, I think we can all agree that is has been a tough winter. To anyone up north, I salute you and I wish I could buy you a space heater. This Texas winter has been the WORST. While I’m used to inconsistent seasons, and it being a sunny 75 degrees on Monday, and then 28 degrees with the added bonus of ice by Friday, I was in no way prepared for this winter. Up until this past Thursday, I felt as if I hadn’t seen the sun since December, and being as overdramatic as ever, was very much sure that I was developing Seasonal Affective Disorder. (I wasn’t. I was just yelling at Jake a lot because I was cold.) Today is supposed his the mid 70’s, so I am going to revel in this as much as possible, for I’m sure it will be taken away from me, replaced the freezing hell I have grown so accustomed to. Spring, we are so ready for you, come out already.

  • California!


I’m leaving for California this Thursday! I haven’t been since my sister’s wedding, which was around three years ago. Her and her husband just recently moved into a new house, so I’m excited to see that, and meet my sister’s dog, Zulu!


How could you not instantly become BFFs with that face?

Anyways, these are things I have currently gotten me super pumped. I did however just check the weather for California while I’ll be there, and forecast reads as cold and rainy, so that’s COOL. Maybe I should trade in my ticket to Cali, for one to the Bahamas. I’m sure my sister would understand.

One thought on “Things I’m Looking Forward To

  1. Megan

    Which forecast are you checking? I’m seeing like a 10% chance of rain for one of the days you’re here. It should be in the mid 60s and partly cloudy to lots of sunshine. It will be freezing at night, but we have lots of blankets and Zubie radiates a lot of heat so you can cuddle with her. Also, my wedding was like 4.5 years ago. Glad it’s flying by for you, but it seems like an eternity to me 😉



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