Burgers, Nautical Sweaters, and Improv!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having an equally as lazy Sunday as I am. It’s a little overcast today, and I’m currently trying to will myself to go for my Sunday long run. I may have stayed up a little too late last night watching season two of House of Cards, so I’m still a little sleepy. I’m hoping that Jake and I can keep up with this season together, and have it not end up like VEEP where we both binge watch it separately and finish the season in two days.

Aside from HOC, I had a rather busy Saturday. I started off the day with a hot yoga class, which is set to a super comfortable 98.6 degrees. I originally got into hot yoga last month as a means of cross training for my half marathon, and I instantly fell in love. It was definitely an adjustment getting used to working out in 98 degree temperatures, but I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my running; I’m less prone to hip injuries, my breathing has improved, and I just a lot more at ease. If you come across a Groupon or if that annoying hippie friend at your office is begging you to attend a class with them, go!

Afterwards, I went with my parents to one of my favorite burger restaurants (I’m obviously super smart about my post workout meals), Twisted Root, in Roanoke. Twisted Root differs from a lot of other burger chains in the sense that they offer specialty/game meats, such as venison, buffalo, and strangely enough, even camel. I played it safe and went with good ol’ beef. I’ll try camel some other time, or never, it’s fine. Twisted Root’s ordering system is also pretty unique as well. Whenever you order you are handed a card with a celebrity or famous character’s name on it, and when your order is ready, they’ll call that name over an intercom. Yesterday we got:



I was hoping when they called our name a Snakes On A Plane reference would have been tossed out, but not all of our dreams are meant to come true, I guess. I ended up going for their ‘Ranch Hand’ burger, which featured peppercorn ranch, bacon, and swiss cheese.



10/10 would recommend. This burger was delicious, and definitely negated all of the yoga I had done earlier that morning, but it was totally worth it.

Afterwards I hit up Old Navy for their 30% President’s Day sale. I’m going to visit my sister in northern California later this week, and I was in need of some light sweaters, and also a new pair of flats for work. Here’s a photo of my mini haul:


I inadvertently went a little nautical with purchases, but as a J.Crew enthusiast who can’t actually afford J.Crew, I think these worked out pretty well. After Old Navy, I headed home for a bit before leaving for Dallas to see one of my best friends, Natalie, perform improv at Dallas Comedy House. She started taking improv classes last month and has been absolutely loving it. Last night’s show featured one student from each of their level 1-5 courses, plus a couple of teaching assistants. Before the show started they called to audience for a one word suggestion that would act as the motif for the thirty minute set. One audience member called out “MARSHMELLOWS!” and the cast scattered off for a few seconds before returning and starting the show. I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures of Natalie performing because I wasn’t entirely certain of their photo policy, plus we were in the front row and I didn’t know if it would be distracting. Zero pictures aside, she and the rest of the students did an AMAZING job. They all worked really well together, and the laughs were definitely present. After their set, an improv troupe known as “Samurai Drunk” performed a thirty minute set. I ended up laughing my way into a migraine, but it was definitely worth it. The whole experience was awesome, and I definitely can’t wait to watch Natalie and everyone else featured at DCH perform again!

Once I got home I headed to Jake’s to start our House of Cards marathon. He edited photos the whole time, while I took amateur instagram shots


All in all, it was a great Saturday. I normally don’t have such packed Saturdays, given that I am a 23 year old Ms. Havisham (sans tattered wedding dress and rocking chair), but after all of that fun, I’m thinking I should maybe stop giving Pip a hard time and start going on more adventures.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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