Valentines Day – Starring: Me, Jake, Some Penguins, Ashton Kutcher, and a Manatee.

Hello there! Guess who is fancy and is typing this on their new Macbook Pro? Me. It’s me, you guys. After six beautiful and frustrating years together, my original Macbook and I decided to part ways. That laptop and I got through college, a disastrous spill of nail polish remover that ate it’s way through the keyboard, and an embarrassing amount of selfies on Photo Booth together. So far I am really enjoying this new laptop. It’s super light, and I feel like the Girl With A Dragon Tattoo on it, minus the tattoo, and well, everything else about her. Did she even use a Macbook Pro? All I remember from those books were her eating Billy’s Pan Pizzas, and being an all around badass, but I digress. On to a recap of my Valentines Day!

I had a half day at work on Friday, so we were able to make it to the Dallas World Aquarium before it closed at 5 pm that day. I hadn’t been to the aquarium since high school, I was really excited to see it again. The neat thing about the Dallas World Aquarium is that it doesn’t strictly limit itself to a bunch of fish and a couple of jellyfish, they have birds, sloths, an anteater (???), and so much more! It’s made to feel like a jungle safari so that you are crossing bridges, walking under several arches of intertwined branches and trees, and completely (but also safely) immersed in all of the wildlife. A lot of the birds are free to fly about, and there are monkeys swinging from tree to tree in the middle of the complex. Here are a few pictures of the small birds/tree dwelling animals exhibit:



They also have an outdoor exhibit for penguins too! One penguin in particular seemed to enjoy having his picture taken:


However, my two favorite sights were that of the manatee and the jaguar. The jaguar exhibit was a little too tiny for my taste. I would have preferred to see him in an outdoor exhibit, for his sake at least, but given the winter weather conditions lately, he may have just been there for the time being.


And the manatee, or as Jake put it, “The Zeppelin of the Sea”, was adorable. He was just twirling about and seemingly loving life in his tank.


We ended up touring the whole aquarium two times. Jake brought a long his fancy camera for some fancy photos (my camera lingo is strong, y’all) so it was really great time! We capped off the evening with a low key dinner at Cafe Express, knowing that most restaurants in the area would be packed and out of control, and then I went to the Apple store and bought my new laptop! And speaking of new gadgets look what Jake got me:


It’s a Nike Running watch! I am so excited to use it for my long run tomorrow and test it out! Normally I just use the Nike Run, or Runtastic app on my iPhone for calculating distance and pace during my runs, but I had been looking around for a device like this so I could run my with my iPod mini instead (solely because I feel kind of clunky when I run with my phone). I’ll post a review once I’ve run with it a few times. I would post pictures of what I got Jake, but I’m a moron and forgot. I got a him a camera strap, and some fingerless mittens (he doesn’t have any and claims that his “man hands” are enough to get him through winter. Yeah, sure).  All in all, it was a great Valentines Day! I hope the rest of you had a great day as well!

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