Wow, Mallory “Can’t Even” keep up with her own blog.

Hey, remember that time I started a blog, like I don’t know, seven months ago? Well, if you haven’t guessed by now, consistency is clearly not one of my strong suits. Neither is being able to paint my nails without it looking like a blindfolded toddler did it, but maybe we can touch on that another day.

So, what inspired me to log in, type in the incorrect password several times before finally resorting to clicking the ‘Forgot Password??????” link, and write another post?

A bad day.

A really bad day, but the kind of bad day that if you try to explain it to someone, you realize mid-sentence that you are a moron and everything coming out of your mouth sounds petty and ridiculous. I just a had a long day, peppered with tiny annoyances, that at the end of the day resulted in me breaking my healthy eating kick, and reaching for the Easy Mac that I am 99.9% sure is made up of melted orange crayons and whatever was in the toxic waste truck that hit Alex Mack. Nothing spectacularly awful happened. It was just one of those days I suppose. Either way, in between an unexplainable sobbing session during James Taylor’s “Fire & Rain” (Why I chose this song to cry to, I have no answers, no one I know has died), and eating my Easy Mac, I realized that what would probably make me feel better, is one of the few things I am relatively good at. Writin’ down my complaints! Now, I could easily just call up someone and complain, but I get off work at 11 pm and everyone else in the world is asleep because they have normal work hours, and also, not to get “weird” or anything, but articulating my emotions out loud is about as easy for me as, well, whatever you identify as something being really hard for you, like rocket science. Unless, you are an actual rocket scientist. And if that is the case, what in the hell are you doing here? Anyways, writing it down and attempting to get a laugh at it, is kind of a breeze, so hey at least I have that…for my audience of one (hey mom).

That beings said, I guess I could fill you in on what’s been going on for the past seven months. Maybe throw in a couple of pictures so I can prove that I’m not lying.

  • I went to New York City!Image
  • Went to some concerts!Image
  • Start dating this guy with a beard. (Not pictured) (I almost put a picture of Nick Offerman though)
  • Oh, but I did see Nick Offerman though. No pictures, sorry.
  • Signed up for my first half marathon!Image
  • And a few other things, but yeah that’s what’s been happening.

It’s been a interesting block of time, that’s for sure, and maybe I’ll pick a few events and elaborate more on them later, but I should probably go to bed. I have work tomorrow, and I’m going with my mom to help judge a cookie contest. Yes, you read that right. I lead a very important life.

Have a nice day.


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